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new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 year 2 months ago #186918

Well here we are completing a new ESA 50 form for a re assessment.
Last one completed Sept 2013 ish and told no assessment due til Oct 2016.
Arrived last week the new ESA form and to received by them on the 26th April.

We are completing slowly and carefully using the PDF file and what we typed up last time in 2013, after the changes which were made early 2013.

I am attaching the SAR from then to it along with the SAR from the PIP which we received last year. ( PIP completed in 2015)
We have updated the OT report, along with last years optical report and all the old Consultant letters etc which are relevant albeit old.
Mainly doing what we did in 2013 (and PIP 2015).

Now, my GP, did a great letter for my PIP for late 2015, in regards to my problems highlighting incontinence, inability to mobilise a wheelchair, unable to move from
1 seated position to another etc etc and all backed up my Consultant reports and said if PIP F2F was required it had to be completed at home.
As GP's are so busy do you think they will accept this letter along with everything else, as she only works on a Thursday and is now off on hols for 3 weeks.
Nothing has changed all the SAR's contain language of non improvement likely as does the consultants and the GP letters etc.
It will be impossible to get a letter sorted out for them from the GP this wrong side of May, at the earliest.
I shall keep this thread to keep one and all updated with this times round ordeal !!!!
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new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 year 2 months ago #187427

We have completed this new ESA50/17 form, using cut n paste from the one we did in mid 2013, and updated the covering letter along with updated letters, PIP SOR, f2f ,nurses report etc and the last ESA SOR and all the latest and old useful medical reports etc etc.
Husband my main carer has lumped it all together, put it in a folder and treasury tagged it all.
I am away at respite so he is bringing it all to me at the weekend to peruse, make any adjustments and then will send it on the Tuesday morning 25th April via a 24 hour service in order to be there for the 26th April.
Cutting it fine, but we have no other option.

Our only thoughts and worries are that we used the GP letter from the PIP assessment 2015 in regards for a F2F if one is needed. It will clearly indicate regardless of it being a ESA or PIP F2F a home assessment is much needed if they cannot come to a paper based decision and hope and trust this will suffice.
GP's are way to busy to keep writing new letters to keep the DWP happy and they should understand this,but perhaps I am thinking they have a brain cell that actually works !!!

What are your views on this old GP letter being our main point of call re F2F and medical input.

new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 year 2 months ago #187446


I think the letter is too old, can you get a more up to date one, it doesn't have to go with the ESA50?


new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 year 2 months ago #187448


The GP is away for 3 weeks from our practice and as she only works 3 days a week and me away in respite, we shall be unable to see her until mid June.

There s enough other evidence and what she wrote to demonstrate no change ever to the better so all we can really do is hope and pray.

new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 year 2 months ago #187473

GP letter is dated Dec 22nd 2015, so will have to suffice, really not sure she will have time to warrant a redo of the letter just for a date, moreover her schedule and time constraints are not in my favour. we will just have to see what transpires.

new ESA RE ASSESSMENT 1 year 2 months ago #187863

Husband/Carer sent of the competed ESA form including lots of extra paperwork allied to requesting staying in the SG all backed up with complying to the descriptors with GP/OT/Consultant/S Service reports and the SOR from the last ESA and PIP nurse report.
All ancillary paperwork NINO's etc, all tagged together and placed in a plastic file folder along with a covering letter. Jeez loads of it.
It was sent 'recorded 1st class', £12 postage, a 24 hour delivery, sent on the 21st April. So it should well and truly be there by the dead line of the 26th April.

I shall keep you all updated as and when.

All fingers, toes etc crossed hoping for the best, tis all one can do.
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