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TOPIC: PIP- Going out & Managing Therapy.

PIP- Going out & Managing Therapy. 8 months 14 hours ago #187004

I have my PIP assessment tomorrow and there are just a few questions i was curious about; Going out & Managing therapy.

Going out: It seems that to score for Going Out, it mainly relies on you're mental state alone.
I had head & neck cancer & I suffer from radiation fibrosis on my neck. The scar that runs across my neck is so stiff, painful & tight, somedays i cannot even bring my head up to look to the front or to the sides. It makes it extremely difficult when I'm out i.e Crossing Roads & looking where i am going & following directions, and therefore need somebody with me.
Will this disability score me any points for this descriptor at all?

Secondly, Since my operation & radiation, i suffer from Dysphagia. Its a common swallowing disorder caused by radiation to the neck. My throat muscles have deteriorated and become so weak, they don't always propel the food or liquid down the first time, causing it to get trapped at the back of my throat and causing me to choke extensivly . I cannot eat alone.
At my last PIP medical i was awarded 4points for Taking Nutrition (Need Prompting), but would I satisfy any of the descriptors under 'Managing Therapy'? I.E Need supervision to take medication because the tablets usually gets wedged at the back of my throat. Also, as the radiation has damaged my larynx, it doesn't always close as it should, thus causing me to choke on liquids, so even breaking the tablets down doesn't help me

Thanks in advance & apologies for a lengthy post

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PIP- Going out & Managing Therapy. 7 months 4 weeks ago #187024


I am guessing that we missed your attending your assessment.

The Going Out activity looks at claimants with mental health, cognitive and sensory issues, it does not take into account any physical issues, these are all covered under the Moving Around activity.

Taking medication and receiving therapy are now separated in the Managing Treatments activity, I would not expect you to score points for this activity based on what you have posted as it will likely fall under taking medication and not receiving treatment.

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PIP- Going out & Managing Therapy. 7 months 4 weeks ago #187036

Thank you Gordon, I have the assessment in a few hours, but I was just unclear about my issues regarding both those descriptors.

Thanks again, appreciated the help

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