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TOPIC: Starting PIP process now

Starting PIP process now 1 year 6 days ago #191000

Got the letter the other day to invite me to claim PIP,so I phoned up and took approx 15 mins,done it on Friday,the lady said that I would be going for a medical as all people do so claiming PIP,so was not looking to hear that.Anyways have to wait to get pip2 form to fill in now.

Just a 2 questions I asked my consultant for a report a few months ago and he wrote me one out and I see he mentioned that I told him that I suffer from chestpain,severe breathlessness,dissiness and fatigue even during a 20metres of walking on level ground and would have to pause several times,he wrote this would be consistent with his significant cardiac problems.He also wrote that he advise for me to avoid potential stressful situations.
I am wondering if this would help me with my claim and can a person just ask for it to be looked at on paper rather than putting me through the stress.

Starting PIP process now 1 year 6 days ago #191043


The report sounds like it be supportive of your Mobility claim and may be able to help with some of the Daily Living activities such as Preparing Food (standing) and Washing and Bathing (exertion of doing this).

However, you cannot rely on the report solely so you must still detail the problems you would have with each activity referring back to the report as confirmation.

You can ask for a Paper assessment but one will only be done if the Assessment Provider believes that they have sufficient evidence available to make a recommendation to the DWP without a F2F.


Starting PIP process now 1 year 6 days ago #191061

Thank you Gordon for your reply,I also forgot to state in my last message the lady on the phone from DWP on Friday said at the last (do you want your DLA evidence to be used as well) she caught me on the hop to be honest and then my head went blank and I just could not think and she said I must tell her at that stage,I was not sure and she said well if you are on DLA want harm will it do etc,my health has got worse anyway from that last review was on high for both,so she said she would request the evidence to be sent to them..so dont know if that was wise or not to be honest as I know the goalposts have benn changed in so many things..

Starting PIP process now 1 year 6 days ago #191065


If you have had a recent DLA assessment or your conditions have not changed significantly since you were last assessed then you might want to consider using your DLA information.

If you have not been assessed for some time or your conditions have changed since you last were then you might want to concentrate on using new evidence.

Using your previous DLA evidence does not preclude you from supplying new evidence.

There is no guarantee that your DLA information will still be available.

Although you can ask as part of you making a claim, I would not expect the DWP to provide copies of the DLA evidence to you.

Our recommendation is to supply all of the evidence you want those assessing you to review with the PIP2. You can get copies of your previous DLA information, if you do not have copies yourself by making a Subject Access Request.



From this page :



Starting PIP process now 1 year 6 days ago #191108

Thank you very much Gordon,that is great info,I will let you know how things go in the future and I will certainly be looking at your guides.

Starting PIP process now 11 months 3 weeks ago #192227

Hi again,I am half way through filling out this PIP form and I was looking through my photo copied papers from my claims/updates etc.I see that I wrote in a DLA form that I could only manage 16m in 3 to 4 mins that was in 2013,so I did agree that they could use my old forms if they wanted to and I have got worse now and my consultant wrote words to that effect in relation to 20 m so I am hoping that be ok.

The other thing is on the advise of this wonderful site I asked for a copy of esa85a it is dated sept 2016 I was put into the s/g.justification on advice- evidence from consultants,gp and report from 2013,says questionnaire and medical evidence suggests client cannot mobilise 50metres repeatedly,within a reasonable timescale and unaided by another person because of significant discomfort or exhaustion due to stroke,cardiac failure.Client has ongoing several co-morbidites all under specialist care at present.Carioogy report-client has heart failure and is on medication which is consistent,taking dual durectic and rate limiting meds,also reports abnorm left ventricular function.Evidence suggests improvement is unlikely in the longer term.

I think it is a fair and good report and since that the cardiac consultant updated his report to the 20m with me stopping several times owing to my problems,which he never mentioned before hand.My question is would it be ok to copy this report and send it off with my PIP form and evidence I see it was a Dr she is a registered Medical Practitioner for the DWP .
Sorry for the length of this question but I just want to be doing what is right as you only get the one chance of getting things right..thank you
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