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TOPIC: Had my PIP today at Swindon

Had my PIP today at Swindon 1 year 2 months ago #191327

Dear All,

Just wanted to contribute some feedback into this invaluable board that so many of us come to to find vital information, advice and the courage to carry it out.

Had my assessment today. I collapsed three times whilst seeking help to even fill in the forms at the Citizen's Advice and the whole process has taken over my life more or less completely since Christmas. However, I refuse to lay down or call myself a victim.

I was offered an appointment on 9th June at 09:00am at a very busy location in Bristol. With the added pressure that so many of us have felt in the run up to the election, wondering whether we might see the dawn of the Tories getting voted out, and us possibly not needing to go through this ordeal, I absolutely couldn't imagine going through with the appointment the morning after the election, when my anxiety levels would still be off the scale. And I also decided to try and give myself a better chance at getting there by requesting another assessment location. A busy place with no parking and only an NCP to try and traverse when you have PTSD, Agoraphobia and Depression ain't no fun. They allowed me to make this change (you can make it once but no more, which seems fair) and I highly recommend looking at the centres on the google map that allows you to virtually walk to the place, see what it looks like ahead of time to try and help you identify it ahead of arriving, and also to take time to walk in the streets close to it if it looks like parking might be difficult. Having changed to Moredon Medical Centre at Swindon, I had a much easier journey with ample parking and that steadied my nerves.

The assessor was waiting for me and I only waiting in the waiting room for a few moments.
I was crying before I even reached the assessment room and had a panic attack upon entering. In this particular case the assessor was compassionate and very human. She supported me through the whole process very well. I credit her with this personally, and not the system you understand. But I wanted to at least give some encouragement to those of you out there who are awaiting it.

I had gone very well prepared and spent 3 days doing what I can only imagine the politicians do. Each time I practiced a question that it said I might be asked in the PIP guide found on this website, I learned to ignore the way the question was asked, and focused on the topic and practiced using it as an opportunity to tell the story of how my condition affects me. I used this in the assessment when I was asked what I would term 'leading questions',
"Does going to the GP help you?" and I replied, "The way that my condition was made worse by going is when the GP refused to refer me to the Community Mental Health Team because the government had made a new rule that he could only signpost me to a self-referral website in the first instance. I was too discouraged by this, unable to carry out this task, and too ill to understand that this would lead to me receiving any treatment at all."

It is not at all easy to imagine that you can read your supporting evidence the night before and that you will remember what to say on the day. I had 3 days of migraines and nausea from the pressure on top of my normal symptoms, but I found to my surprise that I was able to explain myself because I did what it took to prepare. This does not in any way excuse or condone what I consider to be the barbaric nature of these assessments. But it empowered me to fight fire with fire for the sake of myself and on some level, all of us. Because I reckon we're all in this together on some level.

I once took the DWP to tribunal over ESA and won. It was a turning point when my life began again and it was the first thing that went right in a long time. I shouldn't have had to go through it, but once I did, I found strength inside I never knew I had, not to mention the self respect that had dwindled through tough times. I wish you all the very best with whatever part of the process you are in. Others are here willing you on and willing you upwards! And I will be thinking of all of you each day, even though I hope my case will return the outcome I deserve without a further fight.

Sincerest and profound thanks to the incredible moderators and those who have so tirelessly fought to make this resource available.

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Had my PIP today at Swindon 1 year 2 months ago #191332


Thank you for your post about your assessment, PIP Decisions are taking about 2-4 weeks at the moment. You should be able to request a copy of the assessment report next week by contacting the DWP office dealing with you claim.

The following user(s) said Thank You: Redwood

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Had my PIP today at Swindon 1 year 1 month ago #191388

Read your post and was very impressed with your resourcefulness, strength and attitude under what must be very difficult circumstances.
Hope you get the desired result.
Best wishes

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Had my PIP today at Swindon 11 months 2 days ago #197239

Only just read your reply Alec and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you expressing that. I got the higher rate of PIP and I am now fighting even harder than before to get back into work. Wishing you well with whatever your situation is.

Warmest Regards,


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Had my PIP today at Swindon 11 months 1 day ago #197272

It's wonderful to see you have such ability and mental capacity to do what you have achieved Redwood. It's a great shame that I don't have the capacity to argue my corner as well as you have been able to. Ideally I guess those with less ability should ideally get more points. I very much doubt though that I will get anywhere near the points you have, due to my lack of capability.


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