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Dla to PIP 2 months 4 weeks ago #197324

Received a letter from dwp asking for your reply and the reasons why I couldn't turn up for the face to face assessment and why I didn't rearrange another one. Needed to reply by the first week of October or they would stop my dla payments and dismiss my pip form.Put it all in a letter with friends statement, and advising there is cctv footage available. Also attached my neurologist appointment, admission letter for lumber puncture and brain scan and updated prescription list showing I have been prescribed baclofen 3 times a day.
The letter was sent first class recorded delivery on the 11th September and I have received a message on my answer phone today saying that dwp will try and contact you tomorrow morning at 10:30. I was just wondering if anyone has received a phone call out of the blue from dwp and if so what was the reason they were ringing for. I am just hoping they will give me another appointment and the assessor will turn up this time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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Dla to PIP 2 months 4 weeks ago #197326


I honestly don't know why they are phoning you, it's the first time I have heard of this happening in your circumstances, I would have a copy of the letter you sent them available next to the phone to act as a checklist.


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