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TOPIC: Job Centre won't accept my Fit Note

Job Centre won't accept my Fit Note 11 months 2 weeks ago #192500

I was on C/based ESA until early June but found fit for work following my WCA. I submitted my MR and signed on for JSA as advised. My GP has provided me with a fit note for 12 weeks (and is happy to continue doing so as my condition is chronic, unpredictable and I fall a lot). However, the JCP will not accept the fit note. They have said I need to look for work and provide evidence of my doing so at every signing. The only concessions they have given me is that of 1hr travel time for work instead of 90 mins (each way) and 20hrs min per week working. I spoke to my neighbour this weekend who is was in the Support Group for 3yrs prior to her WCA. She was also found fit to work, got a fit note from GP and told she doesn't have to look for work or attend JCP until September. She can walk, I can't. She can go shopping on her own, I can't.... She is not on any medication, I am and it knocks me sideways. Surely this isn't right? She is a typical lead swinger, told me to lie through my teeth to the JCP and DWP because she does. Do I need to speak to someone else at the JCP about my fit note instead of the person I see regularly? I am genuinely unwell with two Vestibular problems, which affect my balance (hence trying to walk without falling is a nightmare), Osteoarthritis, COPD, pain dysregulation and struggle on a day to day basis to do the most basic of tasks around my tiny flat. I want to get back to work but I need to undergo therapy to 'hopefully' manage my vestibular condition in order to do so. I may be fit for work in the DWP's estimation but I am certainly not 'employable' or 'reliable' in my current state. My neighbour on the other hand gets about and leads the life of riley with no problems whatsoever, walks her friends dog every day and her fit note was accepted. This system is totally unfair. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Job Centre won't accept my Fit Note 11 months 2 weeks ago #192541


What reason did your JC+ advisor give?

If necessary, escalate the problem to their supervisor!


Job Centre won't accept my Fit Note 11 months 2 weeks ago #192559

When I was found fit for work I didn't sign on I just sent doctors notes to the DWP and I was put on ESA assessment rate, after I was finally told that I had to apply for it. I have M.E., Trigeminal Neuralgia, Depression and IBS as well as damage from a shattered knee and they had no problem paying out immediately and back paying from the time I was taken off Severe Disability. I don't know if it is too late once you have signed on but call the ESA line and tell them that you can provide doctors notes so can you start receiving ESA at assessment rate until your tribunal.
Best of luck.

Job Centre won't accept my Fit Note 11 months 2 weeks ago #192571


You can't now receive the ESA Assessment rate during the MR stage. The only benefit available is JSA.


Job Centre won't accept my Fit Note 11 months 2 weeks ago #192598

I was just told that they would take the fit note into consideration but still expect me to spend time daily looking for work on line , sign on every two weeks and attend all meetings/training as laid out by them. I pointed out that not only was my vestibular condition causing problems with mobility (balance and vertigo) but that when looking at screens for more than 15-20 mins at a time (even the TV) my vision is affected and I see multiple images that appear to be moving all the time. I explained that I have no control over triggers despite vestibular therapy - she just said... These are the commitments if you want to continue to receiving JSA. I was thinking of ringing the JC+ tomorrow and ask to speak to/see a Disability Advisor to question all this.

Job Centre won't accept my Fit Note 11 months 2 weeks ago #192624


Yes, definitely speak to the Disability Advisor and also think about escalating the issue to your advisor's supervisor.

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