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DLA to PIP 10 months 1 week ago #195445

Hi Gordon, I found out last week from my sister in law that ATOS or whatever they are called now have an assessment centre in Huddersfield where I live. I phoned the contact number and asked why I have an appointment in Wakefield when there was a centre in my home town. The girl I spoke to was very pleasant and said she would book me an appointment in Huddersfield, which she did and it is on Friday. This centre is much easier to access I can be dropped off right outside the door and its on the ground floor. The car park is a bit too far away for me to walk from.

My daughter in law borrowed a wheelchair for me to go the Wakefield centre but now I won't need this.

Another thing, I had x-rays on my knees last week as I have been having a lot of trouble with the left one - it keeps giving way and I have fallen a few times. I saw my doctor today and she said there was calcification of soft tissue and she is going to refer me to Orthopeadics. I asked her to print out the radiographers report on the x-ray so I could take it with me. Will I be allowed to give this to the assessor and should I give it to her/him before or after the interview. I forgot to ask for the radiographers report from my spine x-ray I had a couple of months ago, would it be worth asking me doctor to print this out as well, as this will prove I have severe lumber degeneration.

Also on reading the information I gave on my pip form it sounds a bit rambling in places and I think I should have expressed myself better by sticking to the descriptors required. I had thought of writing some more concise notes to take with me. Would this be a good or bad idea do you think.

Thanks for your help so far.

DLA to PIP 10 months 1 week ago #195450


DLA to PIP 10 months 1 week ago #195451

Hi Lorraine,

There is certainly no harm in taking a print-out of the X-Ray results with you. You should give these to the assessor before they start the interview.

As to the notes, things are less clear cut. You can certainly take them but you should be careful of referring to them often. There will be an assumption that a claimant knows how they are affected and does not need to refer to notes unless they are exaggerating their limitations. If you wish to refer to them you should first explain that you are using them to help keep your replies concise.

Good luck!

DLA to PIP 10 months 1 week ago #195454

Hi Mrs Hurtyback, thank you - I will drop a note in at the doctors surgery tomorrow asking if she could print off my spine x-ray results, There is no chance of me seeing her before Friday - my husband rang for an appointment this morning and was told earliest was Thursday next week.

I think the penny has dropped that is not the illness they are really interested in but how it affects you in the activities they have listed on the form.

Another question if you don't mind. I did put on the form that I use aids in the kitchen like single lever tap, stool, a gadget to help open jars etc. On the cooking a simple meal I explained it takes about an hour to prepare veg and meat for a meat potatoes and 2 veg meal and I find it exhausting and I have to do the prep work sat down. My husband as to fill the pans and put the water and take them to the cooker and then he drains them and serves them up. If we are having meat or fish that is cooked on the hob then this needs to be watched and turned to prevent burning. I can't do this as standing for more than a couple of minutes is just too painful. Because my husband helps me does this mean I can cook a meal or not. He doesn't think I am safe to carry pans due to my knee keep giving way and the risk of falling or if I have a 'electric shock' type pain in my leg due the compressed nerves in my back ,this causes me to freeze on the spot until the pain subsides.

I am wondering if this means I can or because my husband helps the cooking part then I cannot cook a simple meal.

If I am on my own then I would never cook anything more than toast.

DLA to PIP 10 months 1 week ago #195456


If you look at the PIP Claim guide you will see that there are various levels of being able to cook or not, your post suggests that you need assistance to reliably cook a meal on the majority of days, this would mean you meet descriptor (e) which scores 4 points.

The following user(s) said Thank You: lorraine d

DLA to PIP 10 months 4 days ago #195688

Hi, PIP assessment tomorrow and I am so nervous I am going to mess up. I am so used to just making the best of my health situation its very hard to have to face and accept how bad it really is never mind tell a complete stranger. You know when someone asks how you are = you usually say I'm okay thanks - not the thing to be saying tomorrow.

I spoke to my sister in law who had her medical last week, she said it was Ok just got asked about the things she said on the form, although she did have to wait one hour and a quarter after the time of her appointment.

all the best and thanks for your help so far
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