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TOPIC: PIP review. ..don't think I can do it so soon

PIP review. ..don't think I can do it so soon 9 months 3 weeks ago #195895

I was on DLA for around 10 years and moved ti PIP last year. I have bipolar mood disorder. I got enhanced rate care, 19 points. I lost mobility which I had had at low rate but I didn't challenge it. The whole process made me ill. Throughout the application, f2f and waiting for results process, I became extremely agitated, paranoid, psychotic and ended up in hospital following a severe self harming episode because of the psychosis. It was all directly related to the PIP process.
I was given it until 2018, August or September. I have found out in the last couple of days that they are likely to contact me any time soon for a review? This has thrown me into an absolute panic. I seriously don't think I can do it again just now. Apart from how it is going to affect my mental health, there are practical aspects I will struggle with such as providing evidence. My psychiatrist has retired and the new one hasn't started yet. None of the others know me. My cpn knows me but she will not write me a letter because she says DWP can contact her if necessary. My GP takes a similar stance. My old psychiatrist always wrote me a letter.
I am panicking which doesn't do my health any good. From what I have heard, the DWP look for you to provide your own evidence? Is this the case? Am I really going to have to go for a f2f so soon?

PIP review. ..don't think I can do it so soon 9 months 3 weeks ago #195909


I'm afraid that there is a good chance that you award will be reassessed this year.

The important thing is that you maintain your health, so you should consider contacting your CPN to help you deal this process.

If it will help I am more than happy to say on here that they are mistaken in believing that the DWP will contact them for evidence, this only happens rarely and if they want to help you through this process then they really need to step up and provide you with the support that you will need.

You can prepare for your reassessment by having a read or our PIP Claim guide, being prepared is one of the best things that you can do to help you through this process.

If you have more questions then please reply to this post and we will do our best to help.


PIP review. ..don't think I can do it so soon 9 months 3 weeks ago #195918

Thank you. I used the guides from here the last time which was very helpful.

My cpn won't write the letter. She is a fantastic support but when she says "no" to something. ..it is no. She insists that they get calls all the time from dwp....

I am writing to my gp practice tomorrow to request my notes for the last year and my nhs trust are sending me a form to request my psychiatric notes. I have all my notes up to October of last year already. So I can get evidence out of them hopefully. That will take about 6 weeks so hopefully dwp don't contact me before this.
My care plan, keeping well plan and crisis plan are all needing updated. ...so I can ask my cpn to do that....but it all takes time. However, I can hopefully get them within three weeks. I didn't use these as evidence last time, or my notes as I had the letter from my psych.
I will be able to get a supporting letter from a support worker from a mental health charity that helps me out. Hopefully all that will be enough.
It is just the thought of doing it all again. It makes me feel truly ill. :(

PIP review. ..don't think I can do it so soon 9 months 3 weeks ago #195920


Try and keep your focus on the prize, another award of PIP, the assessment process is just something that you have to go through to get there.


PIP review. ..don't think I can do it so soon 9 months 2 weeks ago #196365

Hi, just thought I'd write as in a similar position, also with a psychotic MH condition and care plan etc, (I was on the recovery plan but now have one worth the GP for physical health also).

I too am due for review next year and just had a look at the review form, ARI i think it is called? I noticed it said about sending care plans, but nothing that was older than 2 years. My care plan is from 2015. So as you say am hoping to get it updated before the review so it is ready. i know also (GP just did it for ESA) they can print off a dated list of current conditions and meds for you at the GPs if that helps.

I have been discharged from the MH team now so thinking this may be seen as a 'change' however this did not seem to be a problem at the last review- they accepted I have chronic MH problems. i also have a physical condition as well though.

Maybe in getting the care plan updated you might feel a bit better and prepared? If it helps any my MH professionals and GP didn't write supporting letters in the past, i simply sent copies of consultations as you say. In fact I think the onus should be on them to request info for those of us with severe MH. But they often don't.

PIP review. ..don't think I can do it so soon 9 months 2 weeks ago #196378

Hi, thank you.

I have put the wheels in motion to get my notes and I have an appointment with my cpn next week to update my care plan and other paperwork. My cpn has also given me the number of someone who will help me with reapplying.
The whole system is wrong. I know several, very vulnerable people with severe mental health issues. They have been rejected for PIP basically because their application wasn't up to standard.
I can understand why my cpn isn't writing a letter because she would never be done writing them for all her patients. However, it would be really helpful if she did! My psychiatrist had the benefit of a secretary so all he needed to do was dictate a letter. Took him a minute at most!
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