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TOPIC: Legal Advice Centre/Epilepsy

Legal Advice Centre/Epilepsy 2 weeks 6 days ago #196504

After an initial visit, my representative at an Advice Centre is now unhelpful, she's had my doctor's letter (many thanks to B+W for this) but, although the letter was very, very detailed, she was not impressed and said I could have told the GP what to write!
She has also said, re epilepsy, that I have to prove that I have this number of seizures and without this "proof", I have no chance.
I live alone so it's rare (+ always has been even when I haven't) that there is a formal record. A particular problem is that I haven't reported every single seizure to the GP. Having had this condition for over 40 years. I have never, ever done this - I would have been there every week!
Questions now are:
Can I change my "representative" - how bad would it look?
Is this absolute "proof" of seizures really possible/required? (I'm not sure if the v helpful March epilepsy case helps).
I was so hopeful after I saw the GP so am in a very bad way now.

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Legal Advice Centre/Epilepsy 2 weeks 6 days ago #196520

  • Gordon
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I wonder how many Epileptic's in the country have a record of every seizure that they have with testimony from a third party to confirm that it happened?

Getting PIP for Epilepsy is not easy, especially if your seizures do not happen on the majority of days, but I think your advisor is being over cautious with their advice.

Yes you can change Representative but I think you will struggle to now find one that is willing to take on an in-flight appeal.

I don't think that you need positive proof of every seizure that you have had and in particular because the UTT ruling earlier this year made it clear that it is not the seizures that should be considered but the risk of a seizure. Obviously the more you have the more likely it is that you will have one on any given day, so if you only have a couple of them a year then the argument is weak, but if you are having them two or three times a month then I think it is strong.

As to the GP report, unless the panel have reason to believe that you told the GP what to write then they have to accept that the GP's letter/report is their own words.

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