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TOPIC: Glitch in Benefits system

Glitch in Benefits system 9 months 3 weeks ago #196562

Hi, I am on DLA payments, I have won my PIP claim, and I will start getting PIP payments in Oct 2017 (I am 62). My problem is my husbands benefits have not been paid for 3 weeks, he is a pensioner (81) on state pension and pensioners credit.

I have been in touch with the Pensioners dept of the DWP, 3 times, and had poor and good information, apparently, the day you ring there is a email sent to the relevant department, and it takes up to 5 working days to action, (had conflicting info on this point) it has been 7 working days since I rang, as the first week it was stopped my husband and I where away, and I discovered, we had not paid when my card got reject to pay for some shopping. I have been advised that this can sometimes happens and it is a glitch in the system.

We are now it great difficulties, we did not have much in savings, other family members have helped, but we are no longer able to borrow any money of off any body else.

Has anyone else had this problem particular problem.

Can anyone else advise on any other course of action, I can take ?

Glitch in Benefits system 9 months 2 weeks ago #196588


Don't wait any longer for the DWP call back, ring them again.

If you don't get anywhere then ask for a call back from a manager, this should happen within three hours.

If you still have problems then involve your MP.

Contacting your MP


Glitch in Benefits system 9 months 2 weeks ago #196682

Thank you Gordon,
I have managed to get my husbands payments sorted.

Apparently the new DWP payment system and universal Credit is, if you have any change of circumstance could mean you get caught up in this glitch, and unless you keep hassling them, it will not be resolved very soon.

The standard policy for the DWP Pension service now is:

1. Report payment not received, and insist that they send a internal email to the department concerned, stating the facts as you see them. 2. You will need to leave it 5 working days, and if you still have not received payment, ring back again, they will then go through the same process again, if no payment received with in 48 hours, ring them back again and insist, that they ring through to the department concerned, and hay presto, you receive your payments.

Ours took so long as we where away the first week and we had the bank holiday in the middle of it all. We also receive both state pension and pensioners credit in the same payment, if they had been paid separately, only the pensioners credit would have been affected, as it is a change to our benefits even though I have had a reduction in going from DLA to PIP

I did ring Age concern, but they where to busy to help and would have taken up to 3 days to get back to me.

I hope this information helps someone with the similar problem.:)
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