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TOPIC: Dental Services Charges2

Dental Services Charges2 8 months 4 weeks ago #197904

Hi..I hope someone can help me here. I received dental treatment and was asked to sign a form asking if I received any benefits. I in error ticked my form saying I receives pension credit which I don't but my husband did. However, I had just started to receive state pension so mistakenly ticked the box for PC. I received a letter from NHS Dental Services to say I had to pay £100 penalty. I explained I suffer with very serious Mental Health issues which causes confusion but this was said not to be an excuse. They advised me to ask the practice to complete the form pay the bill and that would be ok. This had to be done within 5 days and the practice had to confirm this was not deliberate. On the 17th of August my husband took in the form paid the bill and thought that was the end of the matter. Saturday morning another letter arrived this time asking for £170 !. The practice has not sent in the form not paid over the payment for treatment. Guess who the company is demanding this money...CAPITA! I have been on the phone all morning trying to resolve this issue but just keep getting told by CAPITA and My Dental Practice I signed the form so therefore I have to pay! Can anyone advise me if I can appeal this on the grounds of Mental Health problems? My treatment cost £20 & I think this is disproportionate asking for £170 & no compassion at all stating my condition is not a reasonable excuse. This was a genuine mistake. TIA

Dental Services Charges2 8 months 4 weeks ago #197934


If your husband receives Pension Credit and you are a couple then you should be covered under his PC claim for free dental care.


Dental Services Charges2 8 months 4 weeks ago #197951

Thank you Gordon..that's the problem. My husband was receiving PC but then I got my SP so his PC finished. I ticked the box on my form which was new to me so they are insisting it was deliberate. This is not the case, I have tried to explain this was a genuine mistake and I get very confused..their response is not a consideration. My husband's SO was only stopped about 10 days before which we was not aware it would stop. I have told them I am not going to pay. The practice failed to return the form and still haven't paid our money over. We have paid for our treatment but they are having non of it. I'm sick to death of CAPITA and Atos bullying me. All weekend I've worried about this not slept eaten and today has been horrendous dealing with them and the practice. Can I appeal due to my condition?. I have enhanced rate of POP for both components.

Dental Services Charges2 8 months 4 weeks ago #197961


There should be a defined appeal process for the fine, but I am less clear about the process for payment of the dental bill, which I assume is what you are talking about.

I would have thought that your husband would have received a receipt from the dental practice when he paid the bill, surely this is enough for Capita?


Dental Services Charges2 8 months 4 weeks ago #197966

Hi Gordon..once again thank you. We paid the bill and have receipts which the practice will pass on now after 6/7 weeks!
It's the £170 penalty they are demanding and won't accept my confused state when I inadvertently put X in the box saying I receive PC and signed it. As soon as they said it was CAPITA I knew i was on a hiding to nothing. The practice have admitted they should have completed and returned the form along with our payment but say they did not mislead me. I do not disagree with them however, only on Saturday told me not to worry and I would not have pay the penalty. Because of their incompetence the penalty has now been increased by £50..I am.just trying to get advise on the way forward to appeal this penalty.

Dental Services Charges2 8 months 4 weeks ago #197968

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