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TOPIC: chuckd out off assesment

chuckd out off assesment 2 weeks 5 days ago #207597

just got a new appointment though i called asked for it to be recorded .any advice for the assesment?steps to take things to do?i norm would have some one come with me but might not be able to this time.Im a bit cautious as don't wanna get chucked out again so il be cailm and collect as last time i never took medz as wanted a clear head .this time though i might so im less stress out.i use to be able to do this kind of stuff with a bit of dificulty but manageable but since it all kickd off i have revertedd back to squre on all my therpy in the past has gone out the window ect.Im tromertized by the whole event so any advice would be helpfull

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chuckd out off assesment 2 weeks 5 days ago #207622


There is a section in the ESA Claim guides that covers the assessment and the questions you are likely to be asked.

If you change your medication on the day then make sure that you explain this to the assessor so that they understand that they may not be seeing your normal self.


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chuckd out off assesment 4 days 9 hours ago #208606

Had my assessment think it went well but wont know the out come until i get the brown envelope in the post.will keep you updated it was in a new centre and was very pleasant experience.towords the end the HP wanted to do a psychical examination witch i refused as was in to much pain she accepted and just asked for information instead they concentrated on my new conditions rather then my old .so basically what had changed .i said im glad its not the same person the HP giggled and stated it was their day off .although i ask for it to be recorded it was not i just said i will continue and get it dealt with i took a diaziepan priour to going to keap me calim buy time the lady came it had wore off she put this in here report and stated i had purchesd it off some one as i had to go on my own
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