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TOPIC: Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer

Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 5 months 2 weeks ago #203837

A friend has been 'invited' to make a claim for PIP after being on DLA. She has asked me to help her with the initial telephone call because of her phobia with speaking to strangers on the telephone.
1. Is this acceptable with the DWP and do I need to prepare for anything? Have already read some of the guides where it lists what information the claimant needs to have at hand and told my friend to have these ready.
2. How long after the initial telephone claim will she have to wait for the PIP "How your disability affects you" form.
Appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you!

Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 5 months 2 weeks ago #203847


There shouldn't be a problem with you making the call providing your friend is with you and is able to authorise the DWP to speak to you.

The PIP2 takes about 7-10 days to be received once the call is made, they can start preparing their answers by going through our PIP Claim guide, it explains the criteria they will need to meet and also has a lost of the questions that you will be asked on the call.


Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 5 months 2 weeks ago #203849

Thank you Gordon for your reply.

Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 5 months 2 weeks ago #203896

Update: I went to my friend's home this morning. I had downloaded and printed out a specimen copy of the PIP 1 form from one of your links, which I advised my friend to fill out in pencil so that we would be clear as to what I should say. "Louise" was the named advisor who would initiate the claim. We went through everything, the only one thing I was a bit thrown with was when she asked if my friend would like to use anything of the original DLA claim. My friend had ticked GP report. So I repeated this, then the advisor asked what year the claim was made. Not sure what relevance this would have on anything, but my friend hazarded a guess and I told her that. So then I said "would you not have this date on record" Advisor said "No we are PIP not DLA" So I don't understand why they even ask this if they don't have it on record!
When I told her what disability she suffers the advisor asked if she would like someone from the DWP to come around to her home to help her fill out the PIP2 form. Never heard of anything like this before, but we declined because luckily here we have access to several agencies. My friend has booked an appointment with an advisor at a local Age UK office with help filling out the PIP2 form. I shall go with her then also.
I have to admit that I broke out in a cold sweat even though it was not my claim. My hands were very wet and clammy when I finally put down the telephone. Anyway thanks for the information gained on this site at least we have initiated her PIP claim. In the meantime am reading up the guides in order to give her more help. For now she has had enough and did not want to overload her with more information.
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Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 5 months 2 weeks ago #203928

Only wanted to add, witnessing my friend's health deteriorate with the stress of this transfer, having had an indefinite claim of DLA for mental illness, including epilepsy, I think it is so very cruel what the DWP/Govt. is putting people through. She is 65 in March, and I have reassured her, for what it's worth, with my own poor health, I am with her and will give her as much support as I am physically able. It also brings closer the reality that I may one day in the near future, I may be assessed myself, even though currently I am not affected because I was 65 before April 2013, but I think it stands to reason that the Govt. is not going to run two benefits side by side. If PIP continues for those who are over 65 then why would they not extend it to those older DLA claimants. I am petrified at the thought but continually read your guides and am encouraged by those claimants who fight and win their cases.

Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 4 months 3 weeks ago #205431

I have sent my friend a copy of the GP notes. Could you clarify what she should do with it? She still has not received the PIP 2 form, should she wait until she gets the PIP 2 form and then take the formatted letter "claimant request for GP comment" form for her GP to fill in? Or could she simply take it along before the PIP2 form arrives and ask the doctor to fill it in. Providing the GP fills it in, what should she then do with it? Does she take it along for any face2face or should she attach it to her filled out PIP2 form and send it off with that.
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