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TOPIC: Won APaper Based Assessment

Won APaper Based Assessment 2 weeks 2 days ago #205852

My GF suffers from Bipolar 1 and when she was ‘invited’ to apply for PIP she plunged into a deep state of anxiety and fear. She would’t let, or didn’t trust a social worker or benefit worker or her local CAB to help with the form so I got the unenviable task of helping her to fill the form in

It was only after reading the BenefitsAndWork guide that I realised what an uphill struggle this was going to be. BBC Spotlight (NI) obtained figures that showed that over 35% of applicants, in NI, seeking to transfer from DLA to PIP had their benefits disallowed at the initial interview.

The first lesson I took from the Handbook was that words were of vital importance not just what you’d write yourself but what the actual words meant in law. I learned pretty early on not to restrict ourselves to putting answers in the box. Rather than write in the box we referred the accessor to ‘the other information’ section of the Form.

She was finding it impossible to keep her feet on the ground thinking of a f2f interview, I was worried that the pressure on her was that great that she would do some harm to herself. With little hope of success I filled the form in, wrote my support letter, picked a phrase from her consultants letter with the hope of getting a paper based assessment but more probably a home based assessment. It didn’t seem to work a f2f at Capita’s centre was scheduled. Fortunately it was at a place difficult to get to via public transport so it was relatively easy to get a postponement .

A second interview was arranged and one that was easily got to. I tried one last fling. I visited my MLA (Member of Local Assembly) he advised me to get another letter from her GP advising my GF was not able to travel and that any interview should take place in her town.

With that letter safely off to Capita he then emailed the the senior official within the Department for Communities (DfC) responsible for PIP, outlined the GF case in brief and, at my request, specifically requested a paper based assessment. We have learned today that a paper based assessment has been granted and that we should know the answer within 6-8 weeks

Undoubtedly the MLA’s direct contact with the Senior DfC Official was the deciding factor in getting us the paper based assessment but that would never have happened except for the guidance within the BenefitAndWork Handbook and the advice I received online. It was a matter of ‘i’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed with a bit of political pressure. Thank you BenefitsAndWork

We now sit on our hands and wait to see, and hope that the recent court ruling and that Capit’s financial problems will be my GF benefit
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Won APaper Based Assessment 2 weeks 2 days ago #205868


Well done for getting the Paper Based Review, we don't have reliable date for Northern Ireland but I would expect a Decision in 2-4 weeks.


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Won APaper Based Assessment 2 weeks 2 days ago #205876

Good on-you Kevin for keep on fighting and getting a Paper Based review, you must let us all the outcome when you recieve the decision, I myself will be hitting for a PB for my ESA when it's due as I had a PB for my PIP and was a great success. As I remember saying to you a while back they are rare as hens teeth and you kept fighting. looking forward to your GF outcome I wish you well.

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I was formely known as (GoingOffMyHeadWithThisGovernment) Won PIP November 2017 ongoing award HR both. Now for fighting my ESA Support group soon as I've just found out on the phone,13th December review is 2019 then he said admin error now the form is on its way. Bring it on DWP you B******DS.
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