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TOPIC: PIP Assessments

PIP Assessments 4 months 12 hours ago #207309


I'll reply to (3).

Because the easier that you make it then the more likely you are to receive the award that you deserve, first time.

The more complicated you make it then the more likely you will need an appeal hearing.


PIP Assessments 4 months 12 hours ago #207318

Sorry Gordon but your 'one size fits all' view is simplistic at best and I have to disagree. One of my wife's problems is severe breathlessness - now if she suffered from COPD or Emphysema she would have a definite diagnosis backed up by a letter of some sort. Sadly her problems are caused by multiple factors dating back to botched surgery in 2006 compounding a health problem as a child. I have many reports, letters and scan results each one mentioning one aspect of her problems. On their own each condition is mild and wouldn't necessarily cause her symptoms. But combined - well there's the problem. Unless I can get the HP to read my statement which points to the evidence in multiple documents he/she would be unlikely to believe a word we say.

PIP Assessments 4 months 12 hours ago #207319


Then I think you have misunderstood what was being said.

At no point have we said to scrimp on the information being supplied, just to make it as easy to access as possible.


PIP Assessments 4 months 4 hours ago #207365

I think the danger here is they will miss something important if it is hidden amongst something unimportant.
If you are going to send 3500 words it might be an idea to include a summary of the most important points.

PIP Assessments 3 months 3 weeks ago #207627

I typed out the form for my daughter and typed everything pertinent to each question within the body of this document. I also referred the assessor in each of the question boxes on the form [Please see pages x - xx] to the pages of the document.
I apologised in my covering letter for doing so but said I hoped it would make life easier for them since my writing was dire and type is easier to read - esp the larger size font I needed to use. Also since each question had all the information in one place instead of added in the end page.
The assessor has phoned one of the providers who submitted evidence and discussed one aspect with them.
It doesn't appear to have caused any problems as to amount - 27 pages ...
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