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TOPIC: DLA form lost in the post!!!

DLA form lost in the post!!! 8 years 22 hours ago #21912

Hi,this is my first post and it is not a good one for me. I am not expecting any advice on this as there is nothing I can do. But I just need to vent to someone!!

I phoned DWP yesterday regarding when my new DLA renewal form was due to be sent out as my award would finish at the end of July. I was told it was sent out to me in March and that as I said I haven't received it then it must be "lost in the post"!! The advisor made it sound like it was my fault!

She then went on to tell me that she would send out a new form 1st class which would take 3 - 5 working days to get to me. That is not 1st class to me! She went on to say that even if I wrote a covering letter explaining why my renewal was late and, if they received it by the renewal date it would still take 8 - 11 weeks to process. In the mean time I will not receive any DLA until the award is decided!

I am so upset, I sat and cried for about 20 minutes, because I do not know how I am going to manage financially during this period. I didn't lose the form someone else did.

I just wanted to make people aware of the problems and delays at DWP.

Saffrongirl :(

Re: DLA form lost in the post!!! 8 years 20 hours ago #21919

Hi saffrongirl, Just a brief bit of advice could you not contact your MPs office to day. Tell them what has happened they should be able to assisst. Good Luck

Re: DLA form lost in the post!!! 8 years 14 hours ago #21960

  • originaldave
saffrongirl the reason it takes so long to get out is the buildings so big your request means form put in envelope and something put on computer to say new form in the post that post will be collected from the department and taken to the post room where it will be sacked and collected depending when you called it could another 24 hours before someone from the post room collects the post and takes it to the post room for franking if thats done as such a time it misses the post van its another 24 hours before its collected

staff cant collect or take post to the post room and if they could a round trip could take half an hour :-)

most DWP post rooms have restricted access as all sorts turn up in the post for example dla get death certificates and many legal documents
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