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TOPIC: My Story Falure to dsiclose medical Improvement

Re:My Story Falure to dsiclose medical Improvement 9 years 4 months ago #5413

  • gchis
hi ron im sorry to hear about your story.im on incapacity benefit and ive posted on another thread about being told by doctor that i need to try to get out more but worried il lose my benefit if they think im better its like you claim these benefits stay in doors and dont do anything

hope things go well for you

Re:My Story Falure to dsiclose medical Improvement 9 years 4 months ago #5434

  • Survivor
David - the thing about going back on benefits if your work doesn't work out is for benefits you get for not being able to work, not for DLA which you get for your care and/or mobility needs, whether or not you are in work. The relevance of being in work is whether you still need care or whether the nature of the work you do is such that it shows that you don't have the care and/or mobility needs that you claim to have.

Ron - I'm always worried about what the DWP will think of my voluntary work, whether it's the IB people maybe thinking that being able to do a few hours voluntary work means that I could do 16+ hours paid work; or whether it's the DLA people thinking that if I can spend a day in an office without doing something awful to myself I don't need my care component.

Chris - I haven't been on holiday for years, and have only been on day trips with someone else. I'd love to go to on a day trip or a weekend on my own to see if I could cope, but I'm always worried that someone would see me and say "so you can go somewhere unfamiliar without assistance, so you lied to us".

It's so difficult to make steps towards recovery and towards work without someone saying we weren't ill or disabled in the first place. The current climate in which you can find yourself being filmed and that film shown on television doesn't help. How can we try to recover if an effort to do something can be taken of how we are all the time? How can we work if we run the constant risk of someone telling us that we don't need help, so that if we try to work, we can lose the money that enables us to work?

I'd better shut up or I'll be ranting about this all night.

Re:My Story Falure to dsiclose medical Improvement 9 years 4 months ago #5435

  • Yonda
Hi Ron,

Why did they say that he nature of the work would disentitle you from getting DLA ? I could maybe understand if you were doing a job that involved a lot of physical activity, but why should acting as an advisor mean that you can't get DLA?

Re:My Story Falure to dsiclose medical Improvement 9 years 4 months ago #5439

  • Survivor
>>This means needs of prompting in relation to washing and bathing, getting dressed, taking medication and therapy, communication (concentration problems) in similar issues.
I continued to work in the advice/legal sector.<<

Maybe they think that if he can be motivated enough to advise people, he can be motivated enough to look after himself. Many of us with these problems know that that's not necessarily so, because there's a difference between being motivated to advise someone when you've got them sitting there in front of you looking desperate, and being motivated to look after yourself personally when you're alone at home.

I'm twitchy about this because I'm in a similar position myself. I have recently started training to be an adviser and find it terribly difficult to get up in the morning, yet can focus on the cases I'm observing. I don't eat properly or sleep properly or wash every day, yet in an office full of people with a supervisor watching over me, I can be motivated enough to look something up.

This goes to the heart of what DLA is about for people with mental health problems - needing someone physically present.

Re:My Story Falure to dsiclose medical Improvement 9 years 4 months ago #5446

Evidence obtained in contravention to the rules of PACE on the grounds you specify should be inadmissible in court. You need a solicitor and hopefully one that has some specialized knowledge in working with people with vulnerable people.

Re:My Story Falure to dsiclose medical Improvement 9 years 4 months ago #5448

  • janeroe
Sorry to hear you are being put through this. Hope you have a good solicitor and get it sorted out. I think they seem to be going a bit crazy trying to make sure they do not miss one 'fraud' and this is resulting in people suffering.
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