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ESA Award 7 years 2 weeks ago #58752

Hello Everyone,

Currently I am reviewing documents pertaining to the up and coming ESA medical that I will attend on the 21st of this month.

I understand that unless I was from the outset put in the support group that I would most likely be asked to a medical so this was no surprise.

What i do not understand is that I HAVE BEEN GIVEN AN AWARD. The letter from DWP after my (first) application for ESA said I would be given money on two grounds:

1. Because they considered me "severely disabled" and
2. Because of reduced income.

Why have they given me an award already?? I should add that I am in receipt of DLA h.m. and m.c.. I also receive HB.

I am confused over this...so Atos is bringing me in to try to take this money back? The grounds "severe disability" can be dismissed??

I sure there is something obvious that I am missing or my mind is to rattled to understand....

Please can you help me understand this.

Many thanks,

Re:ESA Award 7 years 2 weeks ago #58754

Hi cmarie

If you are claiming income based ESA, then you may be entitled to an extra premium because you are receiving middle rate care DLA. The premium is paid together with the assessment phase rate of ESA whilst your claim is in the assessment phase or whilst awaiting a decision.

The severe disability premium is about £55 a week, so perhaps they are giving you this?


Re:ESA Award 7 years 2 weeks ago #58755


Forgive me, I've looked through your previous posts, or at least those I can see, and I can't figure out if this is a renewal of your ESA or your first claim?


Re:ESA Award 7 years 2 weeks ago #58759

Hello Gordon,
Yes, this is my first application for ESA.

I now have the awards letter in my hand.

It saws they are giving me an award using the tax years:

5/4/09 - 5/4/10.

they are giving me:

"living expenses" (67.50)


"extra money because you are severely diabled" (55.30)

Any insight is helpful. Maybe this is entirely typical.

Many many thanks,

Re:ESA Award 7 years 2 weeks ago #58760


I think you must be right. Your figures match my figures and so I guess it is down to the DLA...?

What I did not expect was more than a basic award. I certainly did not expect them to use terms such as "severe disability" when looking to possibly take it off of people.

It seems unfair at best and cruel at worst.

Thank you so much.

Re:ESA Award 7 years 2 weeks ago #58761

Sorry Gordon, I see now I should have said first and ONLY. :)

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