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TOPIC: Bullied out of job & ESA

Re:Bullied out of job & ESA 6 years 11 months ago #59809

Hi there,
Need to try & keep my head away from this today, as back into the lion's den tomorrow. Didn't want to just disappear (sorry for the worried weekend Peter - unfortunate place in conversation for forum to be offline). My usual GP's on AL this week, & spoke to another one who knows me this lunchtime who was in 'you can do this' mode (when I'm in 'I can't'!) so off to work tomorrow, no sick leave. (Would be eligible 6mths)
Realise forgot to answer Millymoo's qu re: HR. Um, they well and truly know, but considered opinion (union reps) is they're the main driving force as will be wanting to avoid getting hauled up for all their mistakes.
Re: ill-health retirement - Occ Health have declared me fit with various fairly blunt remarks to management. But when I hadn't heard from my manager about return to work several weeks later, spoke to Occ Health. They have told me (verbally only of course so no record) that mgr asked them to change their report to ill-health retirement. When Occ Health refused (said I didn't need, & wouldn't get if they put me forward), mgr apparently said she'd have to find another way to get rid of me and would target my registration instead. Try keeping going into work with that hanging over you! Plus pressure to be 100% perfect/no errors even under huge stress.
Due to see Occ Health again in a week - will see what their reaction is to the last 3mths management antics and effect they've had. Fingers crossed.
Peter - Can I get back to you after Occ Health (& will speak to union then), as that may change situation, & there's union rules about cover if take independent advice?

Re:Bullied out of job & ESA 6 years 11 months ago #59811

  • peterjclive
My wife was a nurse for 27 years, what do you mean they will target your registration, in what way have they said they could target your registration? This is another form of bullying surely.
Would you be willing to take retirement on ill health grounds?
I understand your situation with the union not allowing independent representation but if they were any good this would not have go on for so long. Has anyone stated why this process has taken so long?
My offer of help still stands. I have worked as a union rep for the post office for 20 years and am aware of employment law.
Your GP,s are backing you and could go a long way to helping your case but you do need to go off sick for this to happen.
Have occupational health told you why you would not get ill health retirement on what grounds are they placing their opionions. Because to me you qualify!
I have forwarded my direct email address to this site for them to give it to you, please use it if needed.
Under no circumstances resign. Take care Peter

Re:Bullied out of job & ESA 6 years 11 months ago #60657

Please resubmit your post in lower case only, because it is very difficult for members who use screen readers to read posts produced in upper case.

Re:Bullied out of job & ESA 6 years 11 months ago #60663

crazydiamond are you able to send me the original so I can change to lowercase?

Re:Bullied out of job & ESA 6 years 11 months ago #60665

I will reproduce the post, but please be aware it will be deleted after a short period of time.

Post deleted - member failed to respond to request.

Re:Bullied out of job & ESA 6 years 11 months ago #61962

have just returned after two weeks away with no computer access.
Please can you re-instate?
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