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TOPIC: wrag without medical and I cant walk

Re:wrag without medical and I cant walk 6 years 9 months ago #66841

I'm guessing that if you didn't have much use of your arms and hands, say due to cervical spondylosis, or arthritus, and very little upper body strength or ability to grip as a result; then using a manual wheelchair would be difficult.

Re:wrag without medical and I cant walk 6 years 9 months ago #66903

I received a phone call from the reassesment team yesterday and they made 2 points, (1) if I send in new evidence to support the claim that I cant use a wheelchair and why they will reconsider the decission to place me in the wrag, (2) the original decission was made by ATOS using the evidence presented,this raises the question on the need to copy anything to the DM and make sure you say why you fit a certain descriptor and support it with strong evidence.I am seeing my GP on Thursday so evidence will be supplied, remember people they are aggreeing I could not walk 50 metres but because I could maybe use a wheelchair I do not qualify for the SGso therefore could return to work,I must state this is my personal opinion on how I see things and not fact.

Re:wrag without medical and I cant walk 6 years 9 months ago #66905

The DWP are talking complete nonsense as usual.

If you ask Atos they will deny having anything to do with making the decision and claim that they are merely giving advice to the DWP decision maker. The responsibility for making the decision rests with the DWP.

Re:wrag without medical and I cant walk 6 years 9 months ago #66908

I think the idea that if you can self propel a manual wheelchair on level ground makes you mobile is utterly stupid and grossly unreasonable. If the earth was flat, all on one level and totally paved over with a polished surface, then yes, but we all know it isn't. When I had a life as a working person dealing with adaptations for the disabled, I had to design a wheelchair ramp to a front door on a street that sloped about 1 in 8. The regulations at the time allowed a ramp of no steeper than 1 in 12, I believe it is now 1 in 20. It would have been impossible for a person to self propel up the street and suicidal to go down. I recently attended an event where the temporary disabled car park was a stony surface, wheelchairs had to be dragged backwards, no chance of self propelling. Could this new regulation not be challenged as unreasonable?

Re:wrag without medical and I cant walk 6 years 9 months ago #66919

Even if the world was perfectly flat, on the road that I live on, a wheelchair user would not have room to squeeze between the wheelie-bins and the kerb.
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