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TOPIC: Postal problems

Postal problems 6 years 9 months ago #66808

Having completed my ESA assessment form I sent it off in the pre-paid envelope to: 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh EH3 0QL but paid to have it sent special delivery in view of so called missing paperwork in the past. Imagine my surprise when this morning I discover via Royal Mail Track and Trace that the forms have not been delivered as the addressee has gone away. I phoned Clydebank Benefit Centre, pressed the ESA advice button and eventually got through to some-one who was unable to listen and unable to help and had no one else who I could speak to. Fearing an attack of tourettes (which I only have when speaking to Clydebank) I put the phone down. My wife is now attempting to get the forms delivered via our local M.P.

Re:Postal problems 6 years 9 months ago #66812

mine was addressed to a place in bristol but was 're-directed' to st helens. sent first class recorded but took 7 days to get there :angry: My appeal forms are still 'on their way' so guess it'll be the same... wonder where they'll end up? any idea why this is being done? so angry claiments cannot go scream, or cry at their DM cos they haven't a clue where their DM actually is? :S

Re:Postal problems 6 years 9 months ago #66814


Is there a contact number on the cover letter from ATOS that came with your ESA50?

I would be surprised if the mail being delivered to the address you mention was not being forwarded on, but I guess nothing is immpossible with ATOS.

When you phones the DWP, did they acknowledge that the form had not been delivered? I'm wondering if it would be sensible to send your local DWP office a letter confirming the conversation, just to cover yourself.


Re:Postal problems 6 years 9 months ago #66845

Linda, Good luck with your appeal. According to Roysl Mail my forms are on their way back to me. I caught DLA out a few years ago who insisted that they had not recieved my forms but when I pointed out that they signed for them they turned up in no time at all. As for covering myself I appereciate your comment but such actions have been turned on their head and misrepresented in the past, so the good lady wife feels that the local M.P. may be the best option.

Gordon, DWP acknowledged nothing, I did not even get as far as giving them my NI number before the condescending diatribe began. Even when I was fit I would not try to climb up greasy poles so there seemed little point in attempting it now.

I will post what ever developes from my M.P.'s involvement.

Re:Postal problems 6 years 9 months ago #66865

good luck with your MP Philip :) mine asked for my NI number and full address then 3 weeks later advised me to appeal :angry: really helpful that... especially when I had done so already and told this :angry: :(

Re:Postal problems 6 years 9 months ago #66954

My M.P.'s rottweiller, as he calls her, has not phoned back as promised: Not so much as a growl! I actually managed to contact Cydebank again, I can not remember which option I pressed but I was put through to the polite and helpful department today and told that this was an Atos problem and they gave me their number. Atos insisted that it was a Benefit Department error in Belfast and that my forms should have been sent to Glasgow not Edinburgh and that if I had not sent them Special Delivery they would have been forwarded! I expressed my doubts [part of sentence edited] Apparently all ESA claims in Scotland should go to: CORUNNA HOUSE, 29 CADOGAN STREET, GLASGOW G2 7RD despite the address on the pre-paid envolope they provide!
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