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Re:GOT DLA BACK WITHOUT TRIBUNAL 6 years 8 months ago #69497

  • pete17971
Angela Rozard wrote:

Hi Jacqueline

Great news for you. I have had Higher Rate Mobility and Middle Care for two years. Renewal came up and I filled in the forms but within 2 weeks they have said I am not entitled to anything. I cannot believe it and can't stop worrying about how I can survive without it. Please can you or anyone give me any advice. I've got 3 weeks left to appeal. Help please. Thanks Angela


although we cannot give advice on specific claims, you say you have 3 weeks left to appeal.

Have you asked the DWP or downloaded an Appeal Form GL24?. although not strictly necessary as you can ask to appeal in writing, it does make the task somewhat simpler if a GL24 is sent to the DWP.

Hence, if appealing you do need to get this posted off in time as although late submission is sometimes accepted, one does need a very good and compelling reason.

There is a good guide to DLA appeals in the members area here:


(scroll down to Disability Living Allowance appeals').

It maybe a good idea to try to obtain some face to face welfare rights advice from a CAB/Law Centre etc in order to both prepare your case and if possible represent you. However do not delay getting the GL24 returned whilst waiting for face to face help.


Re:GOT DLA BACK WITHOUT TRIBUNAL 6 years 8 months ago #69503

  • yvonne
GREAT NEWS Jacqueline but i am the same as you Angela both my HRM and MRC was stopped in dec last year and have been fighting to get it back ever since , after 11 months of complete worry my tribunal date is here 3/10/11 i am so nervers that it's making me ill with all the worry x good luck with your appeal Angela and everyone else in the same boat as us x

Re: GOT DLA BACK WITHOUT TRIBUNAL 6 years 8 months ago #69558

Fanatastic news Jacqueline and well done, so nice to hear somebody getting good noews these days xx

Re:GOT DLA BACK WITHOUT TRIBUNAL 6 years 8 months ago #69713

  • Angela R
Just looked at your message. How did the tribunal go? Fingers crossed you got your award back. Lets us know. I've just sent application for revision and am now waiting. Renewal was turned down 10 days after I sent it in. I'm going on basis they didn't consider it fully in that time. It's a nightmare xx

Re:GOT DLA BACK WITHOUT TRIBUNAL 6 years 8 months ago #70069

Hi Angela,
i know and understand exactly how you feel.I was devastated and couldnt cope with it being stopped.
I received excellant advice from the mods on here and the advice leaflets available online at benefits and work.
You need to take a deep breath,gather as much evidence as you can,i sent in,with the appeal form,a letter of support from my g.p outlining my problems and medical conditions,letters from my hospital appointments and a care assessment letter from adult services of my local council,i had asked them to come out and assess my needs,they did this and i used their evidence to back up my claim.
I also asked for a statement of reasons and a copy of the medical report carried out by ATOS.
I disagreed with many aspects of the report and broke it down into the different statments the HCP made and listed my opinions of his assessemnt and where i disagreed i listed the reasons why.
I wish you well in your appeal process and if i can be of any more help please just ask.
Jackie.p.s i used advice from this site to return my appeal form the gl24,do this asap,you can find what to say on this site,but basically i said i felt i has submitted enough evidence to get DLA and would be providing more evidence once i had the time to gather it all together.

Re:GOT DLA BACK WITHOUT TRIBUNAL 6 years 8 months ago #70070

Hi Yvonne,
the whole process is a complete nightmare,the worry and stress is terrible,i hope you won your appeal on 3rd oct?
Let us know how you got on and good luck for the future
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