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TOPIC: getting a p45 form

Re:getting a p45 form 6 years 7 months ago #72005

  • helchis
so its more of a admin error rather than your benefits have stopped

Re:getting a p45 form 6 years 7 months ago #72026

Hi Helchis,
My first payment due after receiving P45 did not get paid, i had to chase them up.
With regard to the P45 i think it will say on the form that you have to give part of it to your local JCP.

Re:getting a p45 form 6 years 7 months ago #72030

  • harley
Hi helchis,

I've just been on the phone about my transfer from IB to ESA, re: missing payment, I have now had things explained to me whether it' right or wrong who knows. I was on CB IB and have now been transfered to CB ESA in the support group on 4th October, I have received my P45 because my IB claim has been closed, and have been told just to keep it, if and when my CB ESA finishes I will receive another P45 when that ends. My payment will go in this Monday, but it is 2 weeks late, for which they have apologised. hope that helps.

Re:getting a p45 form 6 years 7 months ago #72035

helchis wrote:

hi when you transfer over from ib to esa and get in the support group is it right to get a p45 saying you ib benefit as ended and if so is there anything you need to do with it

I didn't get a P45 when I switched over, do I need to worry about this? I also wrote asking for how long I would receive ESA, but received absolutely no reply. This was in June.

Re:getting a p45 form 6 years 7 months ago #72047

So this is quite normal then ? I got my P45 in the post today yet I have been put on to ESA WRAG. Do I just keep hold of it or do I need to do something with it ? The DWP didn't put anything in with it to say what it was all about.

Re:getting a p45 form 6 years 7 months ago #72053

  • Survivor
A P45 is just a form for tax purposes showing how much money you have been paid by a particular body/organisation and how much tax they have deducted. It's like a P60, except that a P60 is at the end of a tax year. The most common context in which people encounter a P45 is when they leave a job.

It's used in relation to filling out tax forms and also for giving to new employers to enable them to work out the tax code they use. If you stop getting a benefit because you are deemed fit for work, you might use it for this, but if you are transferred from one benefit to another, you will not need to submit it to the DWP because they already have the information.
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