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TOPIC: how much is a gp letter

how much is a gp letter 6 years 7 months ago #72232

  • paula
Hi not sure how best to do this. In regards to gp medical evidence, is it the GP i ask if i can pay for a letter to support my claim for esa or is it the practice manager. Also, if that is not an option, how do i access my gp medical evidence in light of the four week turnaround to complete and get the forms back. Have never done this and feel in bizarre terrority. Causing too much stress. I had to get someone to come with me to ask the GP to sign my freedom pass form because i was terrified to ask. Roughly how much do GP's charge for letters, or does it vary practice to practice. How long does it take to access medical records from GP. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re:how much is a gp letter 6 years 7 months ago #72248

  • Tonibee

GP charges are variable and range from £20-£65+ Your surgery should publicise their private service charges.

An alternative method is to request access to your records under the Data Protection Act (DPA) which costs a fixed £10. Your sugery should have an information leaflet about that. Responses should take no more than 40 days.

If your GP has letters on file from other health practioners to whom you've been referred, those can often be more helpful than what a GP may write him/herself. Those will be included in your DPA release.

Other health practitioners, such as occupational therapists, social workers, community psychiatric nurses, physiotherapists, etc are usually in a better position to give more relevant evidence than a GP. So if you have other practitioners contact these too. In my experience they usually respond and do not levy a charge. Assessment reports/letters are often relevant and helpful.

To get such information in the future, ask your health practioners to 'copy you in' on any letters they sent between themselves.

Re:how much is a gp letter 6 years 7 months ago #72262

my gp charged £30 for a letter that was no use at all. I found the best answer was to send for a copy of everything from my hospital medical file. If you are still undergoing treatment you can have it for free, if you are no longer seeing a consultant there is a charge but it was well worth it.

Unfortunately not all gp's are helpful, some are fence sitters,as is mine. Once the ATOS doctor did his report and the tribunal gave me high rate care and mobility my doctor said quite right too, this from the same guy who said i could walk and see to myself, neither of which i can actually do! Mind you, he did fill it in having only seen me once when he sent me into hospital on emergency. Dont just rely on your doctor, get hospital and occupational therapy support too if you can.

Re:how much is a gp letter 6 years 7 months ago #72410

  • paula
Hi 40 days is no good for any of us because of the 4 week rule, that is out of the window. My care co orindator said he would write a letter of support, i gave him a list of the problems that i suffer and he knows about the medication side effects that i have problems with so that all helps. I am due to see my psychiatrist in november so can only ask them, i get copies of the letters that get sent to the gp anyway, i arranged that 4 years ago, so have kept everything. I am due to see my gp next week, so will ask again see what happens. Thanks for your replies.

Re:how much is a gp letter 6 years 7 months ago #72414

If you beleive, on the basis of your study of the advisory guides on this site that you have a good case, then it is worth making an appointment, even a double appointment, with the GP to go over your difficulties and explain the criteria you feel you satisfy. This way you may encourage informed assistance from the GP

One of the dilemmas for some GP's is that supporting a persons needs for benefit is sometimes felt bythe doctor to amount to a sort of failure in treatment or management ( If I was any good they wouldnt need to claim it) and otherwise some doctors feel that the patients long term interests are poorly served by gaining sickness benefits.

It isnt always just that the doctor wants to be awkward or doesnt care

Its best to be direct and seek the support in a structured and polite way, this produces the best chance of success

If this fails then as suggested, medical records can help, but if the doctor seems to be unreasonably awkward or reticent, then think about seeing a different GP at the practice, or even changing to another practice

Re:how much is a gp letter 6 years 7 months ago #72425

Hi P,

You may wish to have a look at this long thread with regards to G.P.'s support letters from some months ago. :



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