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TOPIC: Another ESA113 form question.

Another ESA113 form question. 6 years 10 months ago #72758

Hello to all. I will try to be as concise as possible.

I have filled out two ESA medical questionaires (old style) so far - June 2009 and Jan 2011 - but only attended a WCA after the first one. I continued in the WRAG after returning the second form without a WCA earlier this year.

I have been expecting another ESA50 ever since then as we all know the process is unpredictable...

My GP called me to an appointment (I went today) as she'd received a form about me. She seemed familiar with the form although she did refer to it as an 'incapacity form'. We discussed how I was and what she wanted to do next by way of treatment for my mental health problems. We did not discuss the form again, mainly as I forgot to ask her any more about it - the joys of medication and a wandering mind!

I was unfamiliar with this form and, after much googling, I now know that it's a ESA113 and that it's not regularly issued for ESA although it was routine for IB.

My confusion arises from the fact that, where they are issued, it seems 'normal' to do so between the filling in of the ESA50 and the medical. I have not been issued with a ESA50 form this time around and have heard nothing from the DWP or ATOS.

I have mental health issues (in case that's relevant) and would welcome any ideas or comments on things being this way around. I will continue to expect a ESA50 at any moment but don't we all???

Thank you.

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Re:Another ESA113 form question. 6 years 10 months ago #72759


I am only surmising, but it is possible for a Decision Maker to make a Decision on your benefit without the issuing of an ESA50, if they feel that they can accumulate sufficient information from other sources.

It is quite rare for this to happen, but given that the Decision on your last assessment was made without a medical, it is possible that this is what is happening.

You should be able to confirm what is going on by contacting your local DWP office, the number should be on any of the correspondance you have received from the DWP.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Re:Another ESA113 form question. 6 years 10 months ago #72762

Thank you for your swift and helpful response Gordon. I must admit it hadn't occurred to me to contact DWP myself. I should be able to arrange for someone to do that as I do not use the phone. I have not had good experiences with them in the past and have not even contacted them to request a copy of my medical as I know we all should as a matter of course.

Without boring you with too many details, my claim was not initially correctly handled which left me on assessment rate for just under a year because the DWP didn't refer me over for a medical. I will admit that I prefer not to rock the boat as I feel lucky to have got this far in this system.

I'm sure you're right and it will be worth checking. I realise it's better to know but sometimes things get a bit too much for us all and a massive dose of confusion sets in.

I hope you get some sleep tonight Gordon, it's awfully late to be up...

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