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DLA RESULT 6 years 10 months ago #73062

I have been getting DLA with High Mobility and middle care since i 1st claimed in December 2005. I have had to re-apply 4 times. I finally (after re-submitting my latest in July), got my decision back after having to have a Doctor come to my home for a "medical" on 25/10/11. I am still keeping the High mobility but they have reduced my care to the lowest. As you can imagine i am delighted that i have kept it all as i thought i would lose it, but the Doctor did get certain things wrong like he said i sleep well which i do not, i told him i survive on cat naps through the night and other things which he did not actually get wrong but omitted them. Because of all this waiting i have decided not to fight the care part as it really makes me ill and having had to do this regularly you can imagine what it does to you. I did wonder though whether i should write to them and say i will not contest the care part but inform them of the things the Dr. either got wrong or omitted or not to bother until i will need to claim for more care componnent later? I forgot to say i was amazed that they have actually given me 3 years 2014, which was a shock.
So is it worth informing them if i am not going to fight them on or just best left alone. I hope others who have one of these medicals coming up not to worry as i did, they seem to fair people and concerned which i did not expect. I hope having this medical will now hold me in good stead for the fight later when change it all. Also can i ask for a copy of the doctors report on me?
It looks as though all your info on the medical actually worked for us and i and my husband thank you very much for this.

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Re:DLA RESULT 6 years 10 months ago #73076

  • Gordon
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You can make a complaint about the medical without having to ask for current claim to be reviewed, the ATOS Complaint Procedures guide is in the Members Only area.

I am not sure what the procedure is for requesting a DLA medical report, you can try contacting the DLA Unit in Blackpool, if this fails, you may need to raise a Subject Access Request, again there is a guide in the Members area.


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Re:DLA RESULT 6 years 10 months ago #73078

Thank you Gordon, i will get my hubby to look at those for me.

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