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TOPIC: just got report from atos medical

Re:just got report from atos medical 6 years 10 months ago #73315

  • adam-ant

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Re:just got report from atos medical 6 years 10 months ago #73333

I've managed to get benefits for ME/CFS since the 1980s, but with increasing difficulty. The benefit rules do state that ME/CFS is to be regarded as a physical ailment, not a psychological one. However individual Decision Makers (DMs) are still likely to disallow ME/CFS claims is there is any chance of writing it off as "hysteria", "neuraesthenia" or simply as "depression".

If you want to get benefits for ME/CFS then you are going to need the support of a doctor. Your GP's support might be enough, if it is not half-hearted or mealy-mouthed. It is much better if you have a diagnosis from a consultant or a specialist unit.

If you seriously think that you have ME/CFS, and that you are entitled to benefits as a result, then find a sympathetic GP (or ask someone else to help you find such a GP), preferably one who will refer you to a specialist unit or a consultant.

You should then try to see a welfare rights adviser, or CAB adviser, who will help you fill in the form.

Try also to keep a brief note of your activity over a week or so - time to get up and go to bed, what you do, how you manage meals, what medicines you take, if you use any aids (sticks for walking). All of these things may help you establish what you can and cannot do.

You could try contacting the ME Association, which used to have a network of local contacts. Look at


They also have some specialist leaflets on claiming benefits for ME/CFS. You have to pay for them, and most of the advice is duplicated here, but not the stuff specific to ME/CFS.

But start with finding a helpful doctor.

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Re:just got report from atos medical 6 years 10 months ago #73358

I too have ME/CFS and have just been put in the WRAG despite submitting detailed evidence and supporting medical evidence from more than one source. I am in the process of appealing. In my case the Atos Doctor clearly did not take into account the fact that I am unable to perform practically any task (apart from lying in bed in a darkened room)reliably and repeatedly. In addition he did not take into account medical evidence that attempting activity beyond my personal limits is very likely to cause a relapse.

It would appear that it is very difficult to get into the support group, and even more difficult for people with ME/CFS. Information obtained under FOI indicates that only5% of people with ME/CFS get into the support group. Astonishing when you consider that 25% of people with ME/CFS are severely affected and likely to be bed/house bound, in pain, have problems with cognitive function etc.

My GP has also certified that I am unable to leave the house without the assistance of another person, but again this does not seem to have been taken into account.

Appealing therefore has to be seriously considered despite the detrimental effect it is likely to have on symptoms and functioning.

The only hope is that the second Harrington review will tackle the problems of fluctuating conditions and that the dwp will implement Prof Harrington's recommendations. (Don't hold your breath though)

It maybe worth letting ME Charities/Support Groups know about your experience as they feed in info from members to the APPG on ME and to Prof Harrington.

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