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TOPIC: Voluntary Work whilst waiting Appeal decision

Voluntary Work whilst waiting Appeal decision 6 years 7 months ago #74182

I would like to know what the rules are with regards to applying to do some voluntry work whilst waiting on outcome to ESA appeal. At the beginning of October I was taken out of Limited Capablities Group after the Atos medical left me with only 6 points. Both my GB and CAB advisor was very surprised at this decision as they said on mobility alone I should have scored 15 points. Just before all this I had been looking at doing abit of voluntary work only approx 2 to 3 hours per w/k poss from home and occasionaly in the office with helping to build awarness of a new local disability support group. I would still like to support the new group in some way but fear what I should do. Do I have to await the outcome of Appeal or just apply to support the charity and then inform the DSS that I will be trying to do some voluntry work. I am unsure if I can cope but also aware that I would at least like to try. Any advice re voluntary wor whilst awaiting appeal would be very much appreaciated.
Many thanks.

Re:Voluntary Work whilst waiting Appeal decision 6 years 7 months ago #74184


There should not be any issue with regard to your volunteering, providing that that the work you are doing is consistent with your claim/appeal for benefit.

The following links have more information.




Re:Voluntary Work whilst waiting Appeal decision 6 years 7 months ago #74232

  • pussycat1961
Hi Meg,
Having found myself a voluntary job earlier this year, I was told I couldn't do it, DWP said it was the wrong kind of voluntary work (The owner of my local pet shop offered me a few hours)it has to be work for specific voluntary organisations, companies like charity shops, The Samaritans etc though the DWP don't specify them all.
You need (as the DWP told me) to contact them, they'll sent you a form wanting details of the work/hours etc then you wait and see if they approve it. You cannot start a job before this.
I would imagine the same rules apply whether on appeal or not but don't quote me on that.


Re:Voluntary Work whilst waiting Appeal decision 6 years 7 months ago #74316

Gordon thank you for those links they are really useful and I will have read through. There was also another link throught the links that you gave me giving information on Work Together - volunteering opportunities but that my only be for people on jobseekers. All useful and I will try and get furhter info when I feel right enough to try and give it ago. At moment I feel distressed :( after a call today from DWP but I will start another topic link for that for advice.

Re:Voluntary Work whilst waiting Appeal decision 6 years 7 months ago #74320

Hi Anne Many thanks for your reply your points are really useful and defiantly keep to mind when looking into voluntary work further, whether I can cope with it is a different matter :unsure:
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