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TOPIC: Thats it posted nervous time ahead

pip decision 11 months 2 weeks ago #192601

thank you for your reply, i phoned yesterday and spoke to a lady i explained that when i went into the interview room the accessor asked me if i wanted to move to a chair or was i comfortable on my wheelchair i asked if i could stay in the wheelchair and she replyed that was fine she asked me about getting on with strangers which i replyed i didnt she asked if i got on allright with my doctor and nurses which i replyed i did dwp have said i dont have a probeblem getting on with peopl as i explained i was not asked to get of the chair and walk because she could see i was in a lot of pain the dwp also state i can plan a rout and travel unaided because i was a HGV driver i explained over the phone that i have not driven an HGV for 30 years because of my condition she is sending me a copy o the accessors report and that i have 28 days to apply for a MR i was under the impression that these aaccesments were recorded if that is the case that would give the DWP a correct insight as to what took place on the day of the accesment the lady i spoke to took all the details i have explaind and said she would paas it on to the appropriate person so just waiting on copy of report to see what else was said my cousin who accompanied me was also in the room with me and can confirm everything i have explaind regards George

pip decision 11 months 2 weeks ago #192627


You've mentioned that you used to be (emphasis on the used) an HGV driver and that this counted against you but you haven't explained what problems you have with Going Out!

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pip decision 11 months 2 weeks ago #192665

sorry gordon i should have explained because of the constant severe pain i loose concentraition and find it very difficult to focus or concentrate on things my memory is quite poor i get forgetfull they are saying i could use public tgransport which i have explained on my pip form i cant use public transport i would never have been able to make the accesment on the day without someone being with me the roads are to complicated for me and to be perfectly honest i find it confusing at times just getting around localy let alone Glasgow where my accesment was held regards George

pip decision 11 months 2 weeks ago #192670


You may struggle to score points on the Going Out activity as your underlying problems are physical.

The following a route task, requires the claimant to be able to navigate it, so your problems must be related to this, further the DWP consider the issues that would prevent a claimant from navigating to be limited to cognitive, sensory or mental health issues, so you must detail your problems in these terms. Lastly, just to make it realty complicated, your reasons cannot be due to "psychological distress".

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pip decision 11 months 2 weeks ago #192690

thank you gordon i am awaiting the accessors report i will be able to explain more when i receive that as i have allready explained i was awarded 10 points as they said i could walk 20 yards but no more than fiffty which is not correct as i said in my pip form i could walk less than twenty and had to stop and rest until the severe pain eased and i got my breath back as i was told by the accessor that she didnt require me to take the muscularskeletle test as she could see that i was in a lot of pain makes me wonder how the DWP arrived at their decision i am awaiting the copy of the accessors report and i will be able to let you know more kind regards George

pip decision 11 months 2 weeks ago #192890

Hi gordon i have just received my letter from my doctor i think it may be helpful she states as i told her that i did not refuse to the musulaskelatel and that the assesor could see i was in a lot of pain and did not reqire me to do the test she also states about the cronic pain i am in and the other disabilities i suffer from impact on my daily living but she also states that i can walk less than twenty metres she states i walk slow and has to stop every few minutes to get his breath back his maximum walking on a good day is just less than 20 meters but no mention of the pain as well as the breathlesness or the amount of good days and bad days that is the letter from the doctor but on the medical record print out it says can walk less than 20 meters without having to stop in pain all of the time she also says I think that his mobilityis likely to become worse in the future and that he should be allowed to keep his mobility car and also he should have the higher rate of mobility reistated, i must add i dont have a mobility car she must have missunderstood me as for asking to have my mobility reinstated not sure if thats appropriate do you think everything she has writen is acceptable or should i go back and see her i am still waiting on assesors report i phoned again this morning and was told it could take up to 10 days to arrive regards George
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