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PIP 2 weeks 3 days ago #194810

wondering if you would know what this is about. My son was my carer,claiming carers allowance from March 2016 until October 2016, when he went back to work full time, he phoned carers allowance and stopped the claim and has not received any money from them since then. He is still my carer but unpaid. I have just had my DLA to PIP assessment for which, as I have already said on here, I did not get awarded PIP. I got the decision letter on 14/7/17 and on 15/7/17 my son got a letter from carers allowance to say that as I would no longer be getting DLA his carers allowance would also be ending?? as i have said he does not receive it anyway, the letter also said he could reapply if i were awarded PIP in the future. We just put this letter down to a mistake, just a standard letter and left it at that. Today he has received another letter from carers allowance unit which says " I am writing to you because we need some information about your carers allowance. We need to check that you are still entitled to carers allowance. Meanwhile we will stop any further payments into your account." It then goes on to ask for payslips, P60, P45 etc, we just cant understand what this is about and my son is refusing point blank to provide these things to them as he said he gets nothing from them so they have no right to ask. I dont suppose this has got anything to do with it but I sent off my mandatory reconsideration for PIP and they signed for it on 26/7/17 and this letter to my son was written on 31/7/17 probably too soon for them to have made a decision, just clutching at straws really. I am completely baffled by this so any ideas, opinions or help would be very much appreciated.

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PIP 2 weeks 3 days ago #194834

  • Gordon
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Did he specifically stop the CA claim or advised them that he was starting full time work, is there any possibility that the person he spoke to assumed the latter rather than the former?

It sounds like his CA claim was not closed, working full time would mean that he lost entitlement to payment of his CA, which would account for the fact that he has not received any payments.

Did he record the date and time of the phone call he made? As there appears to have been no overpayment of CA it should not be an issue, but it would be helpful if he can direct then to the call.

Whilst I understand his position in regard to the P60s, etc. this problem may not go away without him providing the information and could impact him making any claim in the future.

I would recommend that he write to the DWP and send the letter by tracked post so he has proof of delivery, explaining that it was understanding that he had closed the CA claim on the day that phoned them and it is their error if this was not done.

It has nothing to do with your requesting an MR of the Decision.

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