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TOPIC: face to face assessment currently onESA support gp

face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 11 months 2 weeks ago #198650

UPDATE: well i had my JSA appointment on 27 September was told to do 16 hours of activities.. told the lady i cant make the appointments weekly due to my agraphobia and costing me too much on taxis and also trying to ensure someone is with me.. She made an appointment with a job couch on monday 2 october. The guy I saw then was really nice he assured me that I am not alone but sadly applying for JSA is the only way and told me to just play along.. he said he wont push me to do much but told me i must do the MR and also Appeal to tribunal.. as the letters the DWP are sending out are all same letters and they dont read the evidence at all.. (I just cant understand how they can be so inhumane and try to understand the person and their needs rather than just a statistic) .. As to my request for MR I still havent done it in writing as I was supposed to be getting some help from CAB here in Leicester.. A friend of mine works there volunatarily and although he was able to bypass the system and get his supervisor to call me which she did over a week and half ago.. she assured me she would be able to get someone to come to my home to help me write it up.. well that was a week and half ago and i still havent heard from her again.. I did try calling the CAB in leciester on the number my friend had given me it was a 0300 number.. I waited 25min on hold till finally i get thru NOT to the leicester office but to the scotland office!!! what awaste of time and phone call (I bet i get charged for it.. and i dont have the money to pay it)

I did call the DWP to request a copy of the ESA85 on 18 september the lady said it would take 5-9 working days for me to get that.. I also put that in writing and sent it off on 22 september it has been signed for but still no ESA85 in my mail.. I have been so stressed out that I cant seem to focus and concentrate on writing why i think their decisions are wrong so i have been putting it off and now the time is getting close to the deadline of 13 october.. So I must sit down this weekend to do this but the thought just makes me ill.. How can this govenment allow such inhumane treatment of its citizens its just not fair.. at the end of the day we are humans and we dont deserve this treatment:( it just seems they are trying to kill off the weak.. as I know for myself all this stress is killing me im a right mess I cant think straight .. my depression has got worse (but I still refuse to take more drugs and become a zombie) im a right nervouse mess.. Luckily my GP has referred me to Open Mind (they provide talk therapies for people with mental illness/depression) and have a 45 min call next week booked for them to call me to assess me.. Im constantly crying for no reason.. I just feel like my whole world is ending.. I even do feel like giving up:( and just isolate myself and bury my head in the sand and not deal with anything:( And to get appointments with my GP is a nightmare....

All this stress is making my balance symptoms worse infact I think its making my health all round worse.. My sister bless her on her day off decided to take me shopping to Aldi's and within 5 mins of being in their my balance went off and everything was spinning .. it was way too much for me to be there I felt like i was about to throw up and insisted we leave really quickly so didnt manage to do a great deal of shopping.. This is the reason why i do online shopping and yet the person on the face to face assessment said I go to the corner shops only!!! Why do they lie and turn what you say around like that???

I am just so confused and just dont know what to do next..... Sorry for venting... :(

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face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 11 months 2 weeks ago #198670

  • Gordon
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Your priority must be submitting an MR.

Can I remind you that if you get a new Fit Note you can be excused from your JSA Claimant Commitment for up to 13 weeks.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 11 months 2 weeks ago #198822

Thank you Gordon.. I just feel I cant write my MR without some help as I cant focus and I do tend to ramble on abit so i must keep to the point.. luckily another friend of mine will be coming over this weekend to help me put it all together.. My printer doesnt work either so he will have to get it printed for me and brign it back to me so i can send it out registered post either monday or tuesday... I havent been able to get a letter from my GP to include but i think i will leave that for the tribunal.. as getting an appointment with my GP is like getting blood out of a stone:( by Fit Note you mean a sick note right? arrghh will have to try to get an appt with my GP first lol

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face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 11 months 2 weeks ago #198856

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to send a message of support, it sounds very stressful. I know of your balance condition and sometimes can be related to previous things like aneurism i wonder of that might have happened with you, is that when it started? It seems they are not taking the severity of it seriously enough.

if it helps any i was in a similar position and there are simple MR letters you can just send, i sent one simply saying I have severe conditions, affect me badly and do not seem they have assessed correctly and please to do an MR. They had not sent the medical report either and mentioned that. When they took ages, to reply we sent a simple letter stating it was more than a month since we had sent the MR and still no response. That seemed to prompt them to reply, so i could appeal.

So i hope some of this may help you. there is guidance on this site about writing a more detailed MR as well. Oh, I would make clear your exact diagnosis as they can't contest that then.

Kind thoughts and hope it comes out right in the end. I see you have had an appeal before which was successful, if you have the paper from that it might be helpful as may show why you were awarded the SG last time.
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face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 11 months 1 week ago #199317

Well I got my friend to help me write the MR.. I think he kinda went overboard and decided it would be best to go through all the discriptors and state how my helath effects me and why I cant do that activity.. I personally just wanted to go thru the letter and say why I felt they were wrong.. anyways in the end it turned out too long but I sent it anyways on Tuesday I mailed it out special delivery as I missed next day delivery deadline.. it cost me £6.45!! but now another friend who is working at CAB said it maybe way too long (6 pages typed lol) Well if i did get help from the CAB in the first place then maybe I wouldnt have got another friend to help me arrghhh!! Anyways I managed to see my GP last thursday and she wrote me a 4 week sicknote reasons: Agrophobia, Depression, joint pains. I have to go to Jobcentre today at 2.30pm appt to hand in the sick note.. I feel so dizzy at the moment I really dont feel safe walking on the streets on my own so my neighbour is coming with me and we will get ataxi there and taxi back... All i want to do right now is get under the covers and sleep it off and hide away from the world:( .. I didnt get the full 13 week sicknote just incase they say im not fit to apply for JAS lol.. so thought before the 4 weeks run out go get another one for another 4 weeks and so on.. I just hope the MR isnt delayed... but then again I had asked for the report that the medical lady did at my face to face assessment ages ago via phone call and also a letter following up and its been well over 9 days as they said thats how long it will take:( (I put that in the MR letter) honestly how can they get away with asking us to stick to deadlines and yet they lie and stall things ???
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face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 10 months 2 weeks ago #200532

Hello all.. I have been so stressed out waiting to hear what the decision is after requesting mandatory reconsideration.. That last night I decided to stop worrying .. what will be will be.. So I get up this morning and find some mail on the floor.. ohh no there is abrown envelope.. I was dreadign bad news so I had breakfast first .. Then composed myself to open the letter.. to read what was written in BOLD as my eyes were drawn there....

"I have revised the decision dated 13 September 2017 finding you not to have a limited capability for work from that date as I find you have both a limited capability for work and a limited capability for work related activity. You are entitled to ESA with the support component.."

"I agree witht he original Decision Maker that you do not score 15 points from any of the descriptors you have identified as causing you difficulty however I find you satisy both Regulation 29 and 35 "

OK IM IN SHOCK>. that states I get my Esa and am in support group .. whoohoo thank you lord lol.. I have no idea what the regulations are but it seems i will be on esa support group for 2 years.. so thank you Gordon and thank you for all the work on this site.. it has been helpfull.. hopefully in 2 years if i have to go thru the whole process again I will make sure i read all the notes on filling out the forms from here first lol

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