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TOPIC: face to face assessment currently onESA support gp

face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 9 months 4 days ago #197373

Thank you Gordon.. ive just been crying all day and cant think straight.. its so much info on this site wasnt sure exactly where to go.. im going to ring the welfare rights leicester on monday to see if they can help.. i feel it is all way too much for me to deal with and take in.. Sadly I have no other funds except for my DLA on a low rate mobility of £88 on 29 sept:( Ive just been ringing people to see if i can have abreak for amonth till i know more if i can get other funds as £88 wont do!.. I also have mortgage assistance and council tax rebate will all that stop too? arrghh I will have to call them on monday too i guess:( I rang the dwp earlier asking what to do she told me to go thru the letter where the assessor has put down his reasons and write in to the freepost address with reasons why i dont agree. I ddint know we could get the copyof the record so i will now call them on monday again and ask for this.. sadly my printer has run out of ink so i cant print any papers/forms off:( im so stressed my dizzyness has sdtarted and i feel even mmore depressed:( and i also have my 5 cats to lok after:( arrghh no way am i getting rid of them as they are my saviours without them i would not be able to move on with life:(

face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 9 months 1 day ago #197417

By me applying for JAS while i wait the mandatory reconsideration means I am lying and sdayign i am fit for work.. what do i tell the JAS people "yes there is nothing wrong with me but ohh i cant come into the office regularly as i cant do busses and have to use taxi;s because i get panic attacks on busses , oh and when my balance issue BPPV flares up I cant leave my house at all as i feel dizzy constantly.. ohh and I am depressed so will come to the office feelign really drained and miserable and scruffy cuz i cant be bothered due to my depression"

It means I have to lie and I cant lie :( arrghh this sucks :( then what if DWP dont change their decision because they know I have been signing on on JAS?

I rang welfare adice in leicester and the lady said all they can do is send me a form they use to request the mandatory reconsideration and if i have any other further evidence i should include that too.. I am seeing my doctor on friday I hope she will do a letter to explain how the assessment effected me for a week after as I went into see her and todl her to log how miserable i was tired, lathargic, dizzy and really depressed couldnt get out of bed.. so hoping a letter will help.. I just rang the DWP and requested the ESA 85 the lady said she would but it can take upto 9 working days as it is sent out second class:(

face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 9 months 1 day ago #197445


Strictly speaking you are not lying as you have been found Fit for Work, however, on a practical note, if you do not say that you are Fit for Work then any JSA claim will be rejected and you will receive no money while you wait for your MR to complete.

Your claiming JSA will have not impact whatsoever on any MR or appeal that you might make, it will not be considered.


face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 8 months 4 weeks ago #197592

Well I still havent applied for JAS but a friend works at Citizens Advice told me to call them as they may come out to me (due to my agrophobia cant really go anywhere on my own or on public transport) to help me do the mandataory reconsideration.. My plan was yesterday I was going to do that but when I got up ate breakfast I started gettign real bad chest pains and difficulty breathing.. it turned out i went into A & E.. after spending all day was discharged in the evening.. the diagnosis was combination of anxiety, musculoskeletal pain and stress..... With all the damn stress since gettign the letter on friday.. I cant go thru this all its killing me right now:( im so depressed.. Gordon can you send me a private message please as I dont know how to send you one.. thank you x

face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 8 months 4 weeks ago #197613

Linababe wrote: Gordon can you send me a private message please as I dont know how to send you one.. thank you x

I'm afraid the forum does not support private messaging.

If you are concerned about the contents of your post being seen by others then you can head it "please make this confidential" and we will make it so that only you and the Moderators can see it.


face to face assessment currently onESA support gp 8 months 3 weeks ago #197889

Well i finally got a date for first interview for JSA on wednesday 27 September.. I finally got some stuff from Welfare Rights.. the templet letter to send off to request the mandatory reconsideration.. with it was some questionnaire i can get my health officials fill in.. I had an appointment with my GP yesterday 20 min appointment..which ended up half hour!.. I filled her in on whats been happeneing since i got the letter stopping my ESA last week and how i was so stressed and in A&E.. and how my joint pains are getting worse.. and wanted to be tested for Fibramalagia.. she said to wait off on testing for that for now.. I showed her the questionaire given to me for her to fill in.. she said she has never seen one of them and well it looked daunting as it looked like the questions we filled in on our form.. she said she was happy to do me a letter listing all my health issues and my meds and she does feel that my depression and anxiety has got worse and doesnt feel that i am fit for work in this condition. But sadly she will have to follow the practice rules.. normally the senior doctors would do the letters.. I refused they dont know me!! insisted she did them.. then I had to get a form from reception to fill in to request this letter.. So i go get that form and guess what ?? £25!!! daylight robbery considering they know its for people whose monies have stopped and dont have much to live on:(.. Anyways I took the form away as I didnt have the money at the time and I wanted to do the list of all my issues and how they effect me and make sure she states them in her letter.. grrrr!! I am so stressed with all this reading its all too much.. so today I have decided to take the day off.. I also had to ask my GP for Lorazapam to help me relax at night as i cant sleep at all and feel my heart wanting to jump out of my chest:(.. Took it last night and was out like alog.. but today been feeling really dowsy too .. so had a nap :) After dinner gonna get back under covers and forget about all this for today :) x
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