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TOPIC: Working on two DWP appeals at the same time!

Working on two DWP appeals at the same time! 10 months 2 weeks ago #202160

Hello, I am sorry to trouble people again with my concerns, however, I am helping my daughter with her MR following her dis-allowance of DLA over to PIP when she turned 16.
She is obviously very overwhelmed by the whole process and sadly it is quite familiar to me, (lol!) I wondered if I would be allowed to write the MR for her or if it has to be written by my daughter in the first person. Could I state all the reason why my daughter needs the award, or if I did help her, would it have to read as if she wrote it herself?
I did a successful MR and appeal for my daughter a couple of years back when she was still on DLA and I have all the relevant paperwork to work from, so I wondered if it were okay for me to write a sort of submission on her behalf, as a parent who cares for her, or if she has to write it as though it is her actually saying it.
I would very much like to do this for her as she is overloaded with study for the sixth form and has enough work to do as it is.

The ridiculous thing is, my daughter has diabetes type 1 and it affects her life quite a lot. Her blood sugars are very erratic. She needs a lot of prompting, a lot of input, a lot of advice with managing treatments and her medication. She needs help with many aspects, including choosing foods that contain carbohydrate and working out insulin levels. However, because my daughter is doing A levels at school, the HCP who did the interview has awarded her zero points for every single descriptor based on the fact that "she is doing A levels at school and it is surmised therefore that she has enough intellect to manage her condition independently".

It is a silly statement to make because diabetes affects blood sugar and fluctuating blood sugars have an adverse effect on the brain. A person with high or low blood sugar cannot make sound judgement, or think how to take care of themselves when they are in this state. Intelligence is irrelevant. Hypo's can kill and when my daughter gets them, she just gets tired and wants to sleep. She doesn't even think to check her self or ask why she feels that way. It is a very serious condition and affects everyone so differently.
I know what I am going to help her write, but I just wondered how best to word it. As if it is from me, or from her perspective?
I just don't want to give them any excuse to turn down the MR or appeal in case they say you are not allowed to have someone write an MR for you.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Working on two DWP appeals at the same time! 10 months 2 weeks ago #202175


Yes this is fine, just make sure that your daughter is happy with what you have written and get her to sign the request.


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