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IPSA, the body which sets MPs pay, has today confirmed its intention to give MPs a 10% pay rise, whilst the budget for claimants is set to be cut by more than 10%

According to the TalkTalk website, the £7,000 pay rise for MPs looks certain to go ahead, in spite of prime minister David Cameron saying he thinks it is wrong. In fact, when asked whether Cameron would refuse to take the increase himself, a spokesperson for Downing Street merely said that the rise would go to all MPs “automatically”.

Meanwhile, in a recent report on the planned £12 billion cut in benefits spending, the IFS calculated that this amounted to 10% of the benefits budget that has not already been explicitly protected from cuts. However, since that report was published, Downing Street has confirmed that child benefit will definitely not be cut, meaning an even higher percentage of working age benefits will be axed.

Details of the cuts are due to be announced in the budget on July 8th, but there has been speculation that some details will be delayed until the autumn because of Cameron’s decision to protect child benefit.


+1 #4 Jim Allison 2015-06-09 22:58
Disgusting. I received 1.8% rise in my State Pension, plus the same in my Local Govt Pension, but finished up being worse off than last year due to my Income Tax Allowances being frozen for life.
+1 #3 Paul Richards 2015-06-07 22:28
Hi all,
Just when you thought that you had heard it all by now - well, you havent! According to the Daily Mail website this evening (it may or may not be true with them!) MP's are set for a £19000 pay rise each over the next 4 years at a cost to the taxpayer of £12.3 million.
This is 3% every year until 2019 reaching an eventual total of £86000 per annum.

Meanwhile, according to Sky News and The Guardian (tomorrow) Cameron is threatening to sack any ministers that rebel against him with regard to Europe. Long may it continue I say - it'll unstabilise his rotten government even further!!
+1 #2 tintack 2015-06-05 21:18
Two Tory MPs have said they'll take the extra cash, criticising what they describe as a hairshirt race to the bottom of MPs' pay. Oddly enough, they don't seem to mind a race to the bottom when it comes to the wages of those in low paid work. And what's the betting that as they pocket their inflation-busti ng pay rise they lecture the rest of us on the "something for nothing culture"?
+7 #1 Just Me 2015-06-02 17:08
Absolutely disgusting. MP's across the board should be ashamed of themselves.

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