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A petition has been started on the newly relaunched government petitions website calling for a vote of no-confidence in Iain Duncan Smith over his failure to publish employment and support allowance (ESA) death statistics.

The vote also refers to IDS’ untruthful denial in a recent debate that such figures even exist.

The full text of the petition, which currently has over 6,000 signatures, is:

“To debate a vote of no confidence in DWP secretary Ian Duncan Smith.

“For denying the existence of, and refusing to publish data on the deaths of claimants of incapacity benefit and employment and support allowance between November 2011 and May 2014. This is despite the rulings of the Information Commissioner and public pressure resulting in a 200,000 strong petition.”

According to the site:

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition.

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Whilst Benefits and Work has very little faith indeed in the power of petitions, this will at least keep the pressure up on an issue that is beginning to be talked about both in parliament and in the media.

You can sign the petition to hold a vote of no confidence in IDS here.


#3 bibi 2016-01-20 23:15
Just signed it
#2 mad cow 2015-08-15 22:50
Just signed it! :roll:
+1 #1 papasmurf 2015-07-30 17:16
10,098 signatures in five days

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