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Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) says it is responsible for a previously secret United Nations (UN) inquiry into the accumulated effects on disabled people of the government’s cuts in welfare benefits and other support. The inquiry is the first of its kind by the UN and could cause huge embarrassment for the DWP and the Conservatives.

The UN inquiry is supposed to conducted in secret, but details have now been leaked to the press, prompting DPAC to make a statement.

DPAC say that they first complained to the UN in May 2013 of ‘grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights’.

The government then responded to DPAC’s submission and DPAC sent a further document which included information about:

  • the failings of the Work Capability Assessment,
  • the bedroom tax,
  • the closure of the Independent Living Fund,
  • the unwillingness of the government to make an assessment of the cumulative impact of the Welfare Reform on disabled people,
  • its reluctance to monitor what was happening to disabled people who were found fit for work after an assessment and who lost their only means of support .

The government made a further response, but by then the UN had decided to launch a formal inquiry.

It is not clear at this stage what effects a finding that disabled people’s human rights have been breached might have. But the fact that an independent body is looking into these issues will be seen as heartening by many sick and disabled claimants, who have been dismissed and demonised for so long.

Visit the DPAC site for more details


+1 #10 Gerald Ward 2015-09-11 12:41
More a question's than a comments, would it help if we all wrote to our Local M.P,s? also would it harm the Inquiry if we all contacted either the Local Press or the National Newspapers? or advertised this on all national Media websites Like Twitter and Facebook Etc? I am a member of 38%Degrees and could possibly get an on line petition going to support this enquiry, Also do you know whether any case studies were sent to the U.N or if DPAC need supporting evidence of cases? wouldn't the report that the I.C.O ordered into the possible connection of claimant Deaths after being told they were Fit for work help? and what about the most recent Judicial Review were the Judge said what I.D.S policies were doing was UNLAWFUL, add to that the case brought and won by Re-think Mental Illness, Mind, The Autistic Society and I think the RNIB which 3 Judges sitting en banc found to be Discriminatory against people with Mental Health Problems, The U.N need to be Informed of all of this, please pass this Info on to DPAC in case it Helps Thank You. Also Keep up the good work and please let me know of any updates on this. Kindest Regard The Bhoyo67
+1 #9 tintack 2015-09-10 01:02
Quoting Richard Peacocke:
Perhaps this is the reason behind the rush to assess DLA recipients for PIP? Got to 'get it done' before they are closed down by the UN?

Shades of the Wannasee Conference?

Unfortunately the UN doesn't have the power to stop them. They can carry on with this and whatever atrocity IDS has planned for the WCA. The most the UN can do is publish a highly critical report which accuses them of being in breach of their treaty obligations.

That would certainly be very politically embarrassing, though the Tory press would no doubt react with frothing indignation at a "bunch of foreigners daring to meddle in our affairs" - while naturally making little or no mention of the criticisms themselves. If the UN does publish such a report we'll have to shout bloody loud to make our voices heard over the synthetic rage of the Mail and co...
+2 #8 Brunelia 2015-09-09 22:55
I suffer from harrassment from the DWP as well as from the Council benefit office (housing benefit). They penalise me for the length of time it takes me in replying to paperwork when the fact is that I am disabled and often, simply cannot deal with all the paperwork coming in, or only with a great deal of delay. It is not on account of watching TV that I miss on paperwork because I have no TV. As a result of being late, I miss on payments. The problem is the difficulty to defend yourself when you are disabled. Sometimes, they mock me on the phone because I may have difficulty to talk. One time, a lady from DWP or Benefit Office asked me endlessly the same security questions, when I was barely able to breathe and with huge difficulty to talk due to severe exhaustion; as I was complaining that I could not go on, she went on saying that the questioning was necessary. At the end of the call, because it took me more time than a 'normal' person to hang up, I could hear as she was saying a nasty comment and was laughing like she had fun mocking me.
+5 #7 Richard Peacocke 2015-09-09 15:27
Perhaps this is the reason behind the rush to assess DLA recipients for PIP? Got to 'get it done' before they are closed down by the UN?

Shades of the Wannasee Conference?
+8 #6 Blackcat 2015-09-07 20:55
I believe there is a comprehensive list called 'The activities of Living'
1Maintaining a safe environment
2 Communicating
3 Breathing
4 Eating & drinking
5 Eliminating
6 Personal Cleansing and dressing
7 Controlling body temperature
8 Mobilising
9 Working & playing
10 Expressing sexuality
11 Sleeping
12 Dying

There are also PREVENTING-SEEK ING-COMFORTING behaviours
I would submit that if it was proven that there were MECHANICAL AND ORGANIC breaches of any of the above,then the UN should take action about the govts 'Duty of Care' The Minister has a mandatory 'Duty of Care' to people in lawful detention,what about subjects who have a proven .Lack of Capacity both Mechanical and Organic. This is going to get interesting. I do have autism so I hope I have not offended anybody. Well done DPAC
+10 #5 angela 2015-09-04 09:41
IDS will have some way of worming himself out of any blame that might come his way as will all of this s--t of a goverment but still good news some thing is being done
+9 #4 vision 2015-09-03 13:49
ALL those responsible need to be held to account and punished in the most severe manner.
Someone has to stop what is going on in Britain regarding the persecution of sick and disabled.
+10 #3 Bud 2015-09-03 13:46
This is the news that we've all been desperately awaiting, what a breakthrough! Cameron et al have been untouchable for too long now. Hopefully there'll be a favourable outcome for DPAC.
+7 #2 shell 2015-09-03 12:37
the mag private eye disclosed this about the un the start of this year stating that it was looking into the violation and systematic abuse by the gov towards disabled people in the uk could not understand why no one else knew about this this could be very interesting but will not bring back or help those who have had lives distroyed
+10 #1 tintack 2015-09-02 19:36
DPAC deserve great credit for this, but I'd be interested to know what the standard of proof is as regards a government being found to be in breach of its obligations. The list of issues on which DPAC submitted evidence, which is on the article on the link, is certainly long and comprehensive. I'd also assume that DPAC are at least reasonably confident that their evidence is strong enough to meet whatever the standard of proof is. I'd just hate to see the UN issue a report which makes multiple criticisms of the government but says that there is no technical breach. You just know the bastards and their mates in the press would trumpet that and ignore all the criticisms.

Nevertheless, this is unquestionably a bold and necessary step. The DWP must be nervous - this is an independent body and therefore not one they can lean on. Even Zac and Sarah can't help them this time.

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