The latest PIP statistics released by the DWP show that mandatory reconsiderations success rates have continued to plummet, with barely a quarter now getting a changed award. PIP new claim success rates have fallen by just 1%, but the vast majority get an award of only two years or less.  The figures also show that one in three claimants who have a planned review end up worse off.

The latest statistics cover the period February to April 2022.  They show that the DWP is having to cope with very considerably increased demand.  New claim registrations are up 18% on the same period last year whilst changes of circumstances are also up 8%.

As a result of concentrating on clearing new claims, the department is falling further behind in other areas.  Planned award review clearances are 32% lower than they were last year and DLA reassessment clearances are 8% lower.

Mandatory reconsiderations

The number of mandatory reconsiderations registered has also risen, up by 9% compared to the same period last year.

But the success rate has fallen for almost every single month since October of last year, as the figures below show.

October  45%

November  43%

December 40%

January 31%

February 31%

March 27%

April 26%

The DWP have offered no explanation for this relentless fall in the number of awards that are changed. 

There may be one clue in the DWP’s write-up of the statistics, however.  They explain that:

“a new operational approach was introduced in 2019 when the Department began proactively contacting claimants, as appropriate, to collect further oral or written evidence at the MR stage. This saw a gradual increase in the proportion of awards changed since January 2019 (23%) to 40% in December 2019”.

We know from the figures above that the DWP is struggling with an increased workload.  It is conceivable that they now have fewer staff dealing with mandatory reconsiderations and that, as a result, they no longer take the time to proactively contact claimants to collect additional evidence that might change their decision.

As a result, the success figures are back almost where they were before they began contacting claimants as part of the reconsideration process.

Whatever the reason, it means a lot more claimants either giving up on their challenge or waiting months before going through the ordeal of an appeal tribunal. 

PIP awards

PIP awards for the quarter are slightly lower than the last quarter, down to 40% from 41% of new claims, excluding special rules.

This means that 6 out of 10 new claims do not result in any award at all.

Award periods are also very short for most new claimants

77% of all new claims were given a short-term award of up to 2 years.

11% were over 2 years.

10% were ongoing awards.

This will result in the DWP dealing with more reviews and renewal claims in the coming years, meaning an end to delays processing such claims is unlikely to happen soon.

Planned award reviews

We’ve already heard from readers about the chaos and misery caused by delays to planned PIP reviews

But it’s important to realise that even when a review finally happens, the outcome may not be a good one.  33% of all reviews result in the claimant being worse off, with 22% losing their award altogether. Just 19% of planned PIP review claimants end up with an increased award.

Increased  19%

Maintained  48%

Decreased 11%

Disallowed 22%

The lesson, as always with the DWP, is to take nothing for granted.  Even if your condition hasn’t changed since your last award, ensure that you provide detailed evidence about how your condition affects you now.

You can read the full PIP statistical release on this page.


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    Antony · 19 hours ago
    I'm on pip for one of the sections bit not the other I've appealed and lost the mandatory reconsideration and now have to wait for the tribunal. I recieved a letter saying I had failed and that the dwp would send there report to me but not heard anything from them now pip are asking for me to send extra evidence which I don't knkw I need until I recieve the report . How long does it take to get this report please?
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    Fiona B · 1 days ago
    My PIP review was due in September 2022 but I was sent a review form last November and had heard nothing from them until a text a week ago to say that they will get back to me and if circumstances change to let them know.  I was refused mobility in my initial assessment as the assessor felt I could walk around the assessment room and had no balance issues or breathlessness. I have Psoraitic Arthritis and my condition has got worse since my initial review. I am about to start my 7 th treatment as the previous ones have either stopped working or I have been unable to tolerate the side effects. I have also been diagnosed with cervical stenosis, and bile acid malabsorption in the last 2 years and have dilated cardiomyopathy. This has all been detailed in the review form. I am unsure as to whether I should call them to bring their attention to the changes or just wait until they get to my form and hope the read it? I am also giving up work in the next couple of months due to pain and chronic fatigue but have not mentioned this as the form was done in November 2021
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    JC Lumsden · 1 days ago
    I am already on PIP thankfully, (after a review and appeal) however I received a letter saying I was going to be contacted by phone and a week or so later received a call - the gent was extremely kind and caring and simply said that they were checking that people were receiving the correct amount of PIP award for their situation. I told him I was sure that I was, and confirmed my award. That was the end of the call…! I have no idea what this was all about, but seemed genuine and decent. So we will see if anything changes down the line, or not. I will let you know… but don’t be afraid of the letter or of the call - as it was decent and seemed genuine ! I guess some people are receiving less than they should be, so they are now checking the claims ! It could be good news, so don’t worry - you may be better off !!
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    Leonardo Colucci · 1 days ago
    For PIP the DWP has just rejected my Mandatory reconsideration, I have just confirmed that I don't agree with the findings and am going to the tribunal for a second time the last time was around 10 years ago. I won and WILL win again. I suffer from MS meaning life is a struggle at the best of times. This on top of everything else is just cruel. At least I can still function though. It may take longer to do stuff but my brain still works. Two reasons I'm doing this: 1. It's wrong 2. I still can as I have a loving family, if I was on my own I would be screwed.

    PIP positions itself as a positive step forwards but it's another step backwards. The first thing I was told at my telephone assessment was the objective was to see if my needs had changed and to identify if I needed additional support. Additional support ended up being the DWP trying to take my mobility car away from me. With MS you don't get better you either stay the same or get worse which is a medical fact so the initial comment was rubbish.

    If you can fight it DO IT it's wrong. If you can't then it breaks my heart    
    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      Azaad Zee · 14 hours ago
      @samuel I think it takes anything from 6/8 weeks unless there is any other delay. 
    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      samuel · 1 days ago
      @Leonardo Colucci wish you luck on that. can i just ask you when did you make mandatory reconsideration and how long did it take ?thank you
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    andyb51 · 1 days ago
    Hello I was assessed in March this year for pip by telephone assessment and when I got the decision from the dwp I got only standard care and nothing for the mobility part, I was horrified because what I told the assessor half was not in the report, I had a mandatory appeal and that was turned down, then I put in a appeal with the tribunal and after a while I got a call from the dwp saying they looked at my claim again and they awarded me enhanced mobility and standard care which I was happy, so never give up because you can beat them as I did 
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Windy · 1 days ago
    When I had my PIP assessment - by an ex-para medic - she told lies on my assessment.  She had mentioned several times through the report that I had a walking stick, yet when awarding points, she said I did not have an aid.  I have a condition where I am very short of breath, can't stand for long and lack energy, plus I have anemia.  I put on my form that I was unable to cook a meal then eat it because by the time I had cooked it, I then had no energy left to eat it.  She dismissed points for that because she said I could have microwave meals, which I can't because it is difficult to find microwave meals which have enough iron boosting ingredients and they are not filling enough.  She said I had walked further than 20 metres, I didn't because we stopped and I sat down, she also did not take into account that I was in pain - osteoarthritis - and could not walk at normal pace, combining that with the points lost concerning the walking stick, I did not qualify for even standard mobility allowance which I was desperate for to get a blue badge.  The list went on as to losing points for other things.  I rang the DWP and challenged the decision.  The call taker did concede about the walking stick points so I did get the standard mobility but when I said I wanted to go to an appeal, he said that if I did, I could lose all my points.  I said that that sounded like blackmail to me and I still wanted to consider appeal.  A few days later I got a letter saying I had accepted the original assessment and could not go to appeal.  I felt cheated.  I would have gone to appeal but was worried that as it was the last year I could claim, because of my age, if I lost, I would not be able to apply again.  I feel I should have got enhanced mobility and at least standard daily living. I got standard on both. I was just glad I got something though.

  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Floral Gum · 1 days ago
    I am painfully aware that my PIP was awarded until August this year so I am expecting a review.  I've heard nothing yet and have no idea how they go about these things.  My health issues are as before, but they've worsened.  With Lockdown I have only consulted my GP by telephone.  Blood tests being done next week to check a few things and another appointment with Neuro dept in August.  Other than that I have no further medical evidence.  Worried.
    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      Doris · 1 days ago
      @Yvonne The same has happened to me - award was extended due to covid  but I received the renewal form 10 days ago. It expires in May '23! I am so worried about it.  When I first claimed DLA 1992 (mobility) and 1996 (care), I was awarded it for life. Now, I constantly worry that they will take PIP from me, at any time.  It's making my mental health worse.

    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      Yvonne · 1 days ago
      @Floral Gum Maybe contact them. My PIP was extended from August 2022 until May 2023, but I’ve already had the review forms to fill in and return. I did phone them and query it but was told the reason for sending them out so early was to give them time to process it! 10 months! 
    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      Dee · 1 days ago
      @Floral Gum What they don't tell you is that evidence can be personal, my daughter wrote a witness account of my daily struggles. This was accepted as evidence and I won my appeal 
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Alison Smith · 1 days ago
    I attended a pip tribunal - I am in the ESA support group.  The woman at the tribunal told me I shouldn’t be eligible for PIP because my beauty therapist neighbour had come round and painted my nails for me!

    I was refused pip and have been struggling financially ever since. 

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