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6 years 8 months ago #200325 by squirrel2518
CHECK CHECK CHECK was created by squirrel2518
Double Check Everything

I was on DLA for life and was asked in April this year (2017) to put in for PIP we phoned them up two weeks before the deadline and made the first claim, after a week we got the forms and filled them in using the BW website as a guide and also my husbands experience of working in the CAB years ago, which he had to stop to look after me.

We filled in the forms and had to wait for some information coming from the Doctor as I had a hospital stay two days before the deadline, so my Husband phoned up and asked for an extension which was accepted.
we received the information and sent off the forms lucky enough he got proof of postage. we then got letters from Carers, Housing Benefit Council tax and Motobility all saying the benefit had stopped.

My Husband phoned up they said they had not got the PIP forms after he asked them to check they had received the most recent forms from the doctor to which were all in the same PIP envelope after explaining to them if you got the doctors forms and they had been scanned onto system you would have got the pip form . PIP agreed to that and it took a month to have things re-instated I phoned PIP two days before the car was supposed to go back and I explained that it was time sensitive they then phoned mobility who phoned me and informed me it had all re-instated within two hours but the hassle and inconvenience and both our mental health have suffered.

I had the PIP assessment in June and nothing until this week, I have just been sent a letter saying received EH Rate for both till 2027. but the decision was made in July but the letters had not been sent out.

All this time we have been waiting and every post was a nightmare it's been a good result but all I can say is CHECK CHECK CHECK and proof of postage and photocopy everything is an expense but its worth it. The guides on here are amazing more details on forms the better Thank you to your guides and keep going dont give up
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6 years 8 months ago #200328 by Gordon
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Congratulations on the award, well done.


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