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TOPIC: is it best not to attend PIP medical?

is it best not to attend PIP medical? 8 months 1 week ago #168008


Obviously I would still encourage you attend, but you need to put your own health and mental state first and if this means that you cannot then we will try and help you deal with the issues that will result.

First, and I know you have already talked to you MP with limited results, you need to contact them again to see if they can pursue the matter of your having a home assessment again.

Contacting your MP

Next, I would write to the DWP office dealing with your PIP claim, the address should be on the original letter you received about the transfer, to explain that you cannot attend at the Assessment Providers offices due to your mental state at, I would include copies of your Psychiatrists letter and the GP letter you recently received. Explain the effect the current incitation is having on your health.

I don't know how much effect it will have, but they will contact you anyway if you do not attend so you would be getting ahead of the game by doing this and they may put pressure on the AP to allow a home assessment.


is it best not to attend PIP medical? 8 months 1 week ago #168056

I think I was given a home visit due to having my MH workers visit me at home, but unsure- i didn't request it. Sorry, I don't know the details and how they make the decisions about home visits.

is it best not to attend PIP medical? 8 months 1 week ago #168057

Thank you Gordon

Even MP office had no luck I have no other option but to go or as they say they will send back file to DWP. I have posted on here because I couldnt cope with the terrible feelings. At least it is almost Tuesday. I feel they will use the fact I attended agasitn me but there is nothing more I can do. I wanted to thank you for answering me. I have felt so, :sick: so desperate.
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Misery of PIP Face to Face Assessment 7 months 1 week ago #170962

posted on here some time ago about having to attend a face to face assessment for PIP. To recap I was on an indefinite award of DLA and was called in to be reassessed. I got five letters from a psychiatrist, GP MP Social worker, approved mental health professional etc. but was still refused a home visit. This was after I was told they had cancelled the face to face and would do the assessment on paper. Four later they changed their mind and reversed the decision. I had to travel miles early in the morning to the PIP assessment centre at the back of a hospital. It was very difficult to get into with mobility issues due to it being an unloading bay for the hospital and having to negotiate large trucks.

The assessment was `business-like’ at best and I got very upset ant being asked to describe my medical conditions and the names and contacts details of all the people I see when I had put so much time and effort into completing my PIP form. Because I was upset I was threatened that the assessor would send my file back to the DWP if I didn’t ‘cooperate.’ I was then asked several questions about work and what work I used to do and why I didn’t work despite this supposedly being about PIP. It is ironic as I am being assessed for WC at the same time and still awaiting their decision despite already being on ESA in the support group.

The assessment ended with a whole host of ‘Simon Says’ activities where I was given a thorough work out copying the assessor raising hands above head and touching face and shoulders and raising legs. After the assessment and the following weeks, I became so unwell that I hurt myself. The worry and waiting became all too much to the point it became unbearable and I had no support.
I had given up all hope and was dreading hearing from them. They never paid back my travel expenses as promised despite being told I would receive them by a certain date thus leaving me out of pocket. When I took this up with ATOS this week they said there was an error on their systems and I would have to wait another several weeks for it to be processed AGAIN! I complained about the whole process but heard nothing.

I heard nothing about the results of the PIP assessment until I got an email last week from the council’s housing benefit department saying they had reassessed my housing benefit due to a ‘change in my income’ When I asked what this was they said it was due to my recent PIP award. I was shocked but not surprised that they had told the housing benefit department (who have nothing to do with PIP) before me. I still heard nothing until this week when I finally received the DWP decision letter. Nothing from ATOS as promised. They had said they would send the assessors report me. The award for PIP was a very short term award despite my mental health condition being long term and I have just been diagnosed with autism. Even though my award doesn’t even begin until November they are reassessing me AGAIN next Sep so I won’t even get a year of the award. From indefinite DLA to this. There is no way I want to go through the misery and pain again and it is a sad fact when to console myself I tell myself I might be dead by then to district from the misery. I can’t even begin to try and use the award if I know its going to ripped away from me in a few months’ time. I know there are people who have had no award and having to go through mandatory reconsiderations and appeals etc. and I should be grateful but the thought of all that misery yet again in a few short months means I don’t even have chance to recover from my ordeal and don’t know how to live with it. To make matters worse I made the monumental mistake of contacting the DWP and asking for a copy of the assessor’s report to see what they said and the DWP have interpreted this as me ‘making a complaint and challenging the award.’ I told them that is not the case but now I am worried about that also.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gordon

is it best not to attend PIP medical? 7 months 1 week ago #171010


I'm sorry the process has been so difficult.

Have you received an award that you are happy with the exception it's length?

I would write to the DWP, to the office that manages your claim, stating that you are not requesting an MR and that you do not want one to be done under any circumstances.


is it best not to attend PIP medical? 7 months 1 week ago #171054

I just wanted to ask is it normal to get such a short award. It says they will reassess me next September but the award doesn't start until November. So that is actually less than 12 months. I provided 96 pieces of medical evidence but desire having reports ATOS said they treid to get in touch with mental health team with no success. I only found out when the mental health professional asked if I knew the surname of the person at 'DWP' who had left a message but they couldn't ring them back as only first name? Is this what has gone against me. I cannot face going through this whole process again in a few months. I don't want an MR. Is this the only way to challenge length of award?
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