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TOPIC: support letters

support letters 6 years 11 months ago #62182

Hi, I have sent a letter into the dwp re my recent medical IB transfer to ESA as i only scored 6 points! I have also obtained a letter of support from my doctor who had no problem with supporting me, and also a support letter from my Psychologist, my question is this, how long does it normally take now for the decision maker to have another look at it?

Re:support letters 6 years 11 months ago #62187

If the decision has been made you have one month to appeal if you disagree.
With the decision letter they should have enclosed form GL24 (appeal). If not obtain it from your local Jobcentre.
Please send that immediately stating why you are applealing.
Continue to send in fit notes until the result of your appeal.
You will continue to be paid at the assessment rate of ESA until a decision is made.
It would be very helpful to you to look at the guides you can download on this site.

Re:support letters 6 years 11 months ago #62193

Hi Joan

You said that you sent a letter to the DWP but didn't say what you asked for.

Following an adverse ESA decision you have four options: you can ask for an explanation, written statement of reasons, reconsideration or appeal.

I haven't a clue what an explanation is but it's probably as useless as the statement of reasons, which only tells you what you scored points for.

A reconsideration is automatically triggered when you appeal using the GL24 form. As Towser suggested, an appeal is the best option and the guides fully explain the process.



support letters 6 years 11 months ago #62276

Thanks Derek4 and Towser for you replies last nyt. One of you mentioned 4 options. Dwp phoned me, told me to send in letter saying what i disagreed with and to get supporting letters from my psychologist and doctor. The way the DWP were talking they sounded liked they were going to reconsider!! No letters from them regarding an explanation was received by me. I have contacted CAB who done me letter of support, doctor, psychologist and myself so lets see what they decide! I have also told them i will contact my MP to take entire matter up with them. Will keep you posted. Many thanks for your help.

Re:support letters 6 years 11 months ago #62281


I have merged your new thread with the one you created yesterday.

I just want to make sure that you are aware that you are not entitled to any payments whilst a Reconsideration is carried out which can take 11-13 weeks to complete.

If you appeal, by completing a GL24 form, a Reconsideration will still be carried out, but you are entitled to receive the ESA Assessmemt rate until your Tribunal is heard.


Re:support letters 6 years 11 months ago #62292

I am currently in the situation of moving from Incap to ESA and have been advised to ask my doctor for a letter of support . As anyone got any suggestions of the type of thing i should ask my doctor to put in the letter. I'm obviously not asking for personal remarks but feel a bit of a fool asking the doctor to "lay it on a bit thick" but in fact this is what i'd like him to do .....thanks
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