Just before Christmas, we ran a competition for free subscriptions. We asked 'What do you like about "Benefits and Work?" We were inundated with responses; thank you. Here we show you a selection of some of the replies. We have changed the names to protect our members' identities.{jcomments on}

“… you and all your friends work very hard to help us understand how we can get help to get what we have… SO WELL DONE TO ALL Of YOU I look forward to getting your emails so a big thank you.”
William via email

“I would like to thank Benefits and Work for giving the confidence to fight my Appeal moving from ICB to ESA. I did win my appeal thanks to your guides… thank you once again for your help. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”
Steve via email

“Just want to say thank you so much for guidance , advice, help and support you provided me with with my claim for my disability. Couldn't have done it without you.

You are a guardian angel for all those in need.”
Harry via email

“…your website not only helps people but also lets the average people know they are not alone and you can help them from start to finish… it helped put my mind at rest not only knowing my rights but things that happens next so all I would like say now is thank you to you and all your staff”
Dawn via email

“What I like is the clarity of the information, everything is easy to understand which is very important when you are not at your best, ie possibly feeling stressed and under the weather. The site is brilliant and addresses the questions that need to be asked-----without asking them. Thank you.”
Carly via email

“Most times you've been my only support,

When I've felt lost, it’s to you I've turned.

When you're cut off, this is the only contact that I’ve been able to have.

I trust you, you've been there for me”
Steven via email

“What I like about Benefits and Work:

Your forthrightness- information is given in a straight, no nonsense manner, without it being embroidered or affected by any political correctness.”
Donna via email

“I joined some time ago in order to help me through the minefield known as the dreaded DLA form.

Your information was more than helpful in guiding me through the tricky and somewhat dubious question, and for that I am very grateful. Your information informs and educates and is worth every penny of the subscription. Thank you again and please keep up the great work.”
Leanne via email

“Benefits and work gives honest no nonsense information and facts for the benefit of those who need it. Having been a support worker who fought appeals to get benefit back for mentally ill clients fighting the system and gaining the truth is extremely difficult, knowledge is power or rather empowerment and without this type of site the vulnerable do not stand a chance.”
Katy, Support Worker, via email

“I love the Benefit and work website as it is the only site to tell the truth, and is very very helpful. thank you"
Paula, Nurse, via email

“What I like most about B+W is the information is clear, precise and straight to the point. also some info appears here long before anywhere else.”
Rick via email

“The thing I like the most about Benefits and Work is the background reassurance it offers.”
Pete via email

“benefits and work gives me information that I can’t find anywhere else.”
Jane via email

“The thing I like the most about the site is simply that you tell the truth and give good honest advice.”
Kieran via email

“You practise clear, concise and accurate comments written in understandable English. The subject is always well presented with full and detailed explanations. Thank you”
Vicki via email

“If only the country was run by you guys, we know where we stand, you say it exactly as it is.

From all the people you have helped, thank you”
Gina via email

“I love your site because it gives me up to date REAL information about benefits.”
Richard via email

“I always read your newsletter as it appears to be more open than some of the other information I receive.”
Lynne via email

“The thing I like most about Benefits & Work is: It's so informative and really on the ball and it has all the welfare rights information you need without even having to make a phone call.”
Martin via email

“The best thing about Benefits and Work website is the up to date information and helpful advice on offer in dealing with this dreadful government and its policies! A tranquil oasis to turn to in this maelstrom of chaos that IDS is in charge of!”
Roger via email

“I like being kept up to date with benefits info. It has helped keep my faith that someone is there to help and support us when we need it. I have managed to get my DLA and ESA through the help of yourselves”
Trevor via email

“What I like about your service is it keeps me up to date with the latest changes, gives very good guidance and is a voice for the average person who would otherwise go unheard.”
Nina via email

“The newsletter is refreshingly informative, easy to understand and 'on the ball' regarding the injustices in the Benefits System. It is reassuring to know that there is a ready source of not just information but relevant, up-to-date information when needed.”
Michael via email

“I think that Benefits & works are the best information company for disabled people ever. You’re fantastic. Keep up the good work!”
Nicola via email

“Without your help I would have been lost in the system and probably now be receiving no benefits whatsoever, I cannot even imagine what situation this would have put me in.”
Jeannie via email

“Benefits & Work cover so many aspects of the flawed & unfair systems the government has put in place. Also it helps claimants like myself to get a better understanding. Your work is a much-needed and appreciated service.”
George via email

“The most helpful website: informative and preparing people with genuine difficulties to give the support greatly needed to ensure they get their entitlement.”
Shona via email

“On the B&W website, you are able to get all the information you need regarding the latest changes to the benefits system & the help & advice to deal with those changes.”
Drew via email

“Thank you for the information and newsletters I receive which have helped me and made me realise I am not alone in this nightmare!”
Phil via email

“I look forward to receiving your emails which are so informative, I know that I will always find the up to date information and truth I am seeking here. Please continue to keep up your invaluable work.”
Mary via email

“Plain and simply put its the advice and news that is by far the best thing about Benefits & Work”
Jean via email

“Not only do you provide fantastic guides but, and perhaps above all, you provide invaluable support”
Nathan via email

“I have found your site invaluable - your advice really helped me prepare my son's case for appeal, and the subscription more than paid for itself. Your notes are clear and to the point”
Sarah via email

“What I most like about 'Benefits & Work' is that fact that everything is written in plain English, and the information is so helpful…by following your advice, on appeal I was awarded DLA low rate mobility and care for 2 years. I'm sure I would not have achieved this without your help. Thank You.”
Christina via email

“Benefits and work has been so helpful to me in filling out claim forms, you give so much advice and guidance to people, thank you so much for all your emails and support. Without you lots of people would not get the benefit that they need.”
Terry via email

“…what I like is the honesty you give out. Thank you for being honest with us all”
Mitchell via email

“I have been able to assist my family and friends with the very informative, up to date, no holds barred information and guidance that I have received from you.

It has been invaluable!!”
Marilyn via email

“Benefits & Work is so valuable because you care about the human side, and justice for the common man/woman.”
Brian via email

“There are lots of excellent articles delivering good, solid information to help me reapply for benefits.”
Pauline via email

“Your site has given great encouragement to carry on with my appeals for ESA when I really felt like giving up. I cannot believe what I had to go through and it was only the encouragement from your site that kept me going.”
David via email

“The best thing I like about the benefits and work newsletters is that when I’m just about to give up, I read the newsletter and it gives me immense hope”
Charlie via email

“Just from reading the snippets and comments in the news letters has given me some hopeful insight for my upcoming tribunal. I didn't realise there was so many people in the same situation. I was starting to think there was no light at the end of this tunnel”
Jenny via email

“I find your service very informing and useful. Being disabled myself, I find the info you give to be most useful in the minefield of changes the government is implementing. Thank you”
Gregg via email


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