19 May 2011

Below is a selection of recent feedback from members we have received by email.  As always, names have been changed.

This will change my life
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I applied For DLA Back in February 2011, I was awarded low rate Care, and nothing for Mobility. I was so disappointed I cried. I have diabetic neuropathy in my legs and feet and also arms and hands, and its so painful there are some days not worth getting out of bed. I also suffer with peripheral vascular disease, so both these condition make if difficult to walk. and also look after myself.

 I had joined your site in January this year, so I read everything about appeals to the letter and appealed. Cannot believe it, I received a letter this morning from DWP/DLA they had changed their decision and made me an award of higher rate Mobility, and middle rate Care both indefinite. No medical or tribunal and all thanks to you and your step by step guide. This will change my life, Thank you once again.

ESA support group
I just wanted to let you know of my success in appealing my ESA claim.  After reading the information you provide about ESA and medicals, I requested a copy of my medical report and found so many things in there that had either not been discussed at the medical or was incorrect information.  I obtained the appeal form, completed it and today received confirmation that I have been moved into the Support Group.  This is one of many times I have received helpful information about benefits, process and appeal and am very grateful to you.

The best £20 I have spent in a long time
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
I was awarded the full amount of DLA indefinitely for Care and Getting Around in 2005 , for cancer.  Recently I have had to fill in another form to see if my needs had changed.  As I didn't fill in a full set of forms originally - I came under the "Special Circumstances" definition, I was afraid I might no longer qualify.  Joining your site has been the best £20 I have spent in a long time.  I have recently heard that there will be no change in the amount of money I am paid!  Thank you so much for the information available on your site it is so valuable.

Injured on duty
“I wish to thank everyone at Benefits and Work. I used to get DLA for 3 years but when it came up for renewal I lost everything. I am genuinely injured in the service of my Country and felt a great sense of injustice.

It took several months before I could steel myself to prepare to apply again. I came across your site, the free stuff looked very helpful so I joined as a Member.

Using the guides were fantastic, you felt like you had a really knowledgeable expert at your shoulder.
It was absolutely exhausting to follow but at the end I felt I had done a very comprehensive file and if this doesn’t do it then there is no hope! I didn’t lie or exaggerate but followed the advice of ‘don’t try to fit your condition into the form’.

I have just been awarded Higher rate Care and lower rate Mobility which I think is 100% accurate. I can now afford treatment on a regular basis to help ease the daily pain. This makes a big difference to my daily life.

Thank you so much”
Injured on Duty”

Put onto ESA without a medical
I just wanted to thank you very much for the assistance I got from your site, I have been on Incapacity for six years and DLA for five and I dreaded the new ESA forms.  I downloaded your guide which helped me to fill the forms in honestly but mindfully and I have had a letter today telling me that I will be put onto ESA without a medical.   Even though I have nothing to hide I did dread having  to go through that, I am on the work related activity group which may pose problems for me but I will face them as they come.

I am now waiting for them to decide what is happening with DLA but when I do find out I will again turn to you for advice.

From 6 points up to 21
Thanks to your site, my friend won her tribunal appeal this month.  She was given 21 points instead of the original 6.  However, this was under the old system so I guess we shall  continue to fight this  when she is assessed under the new system.  Anyway, a big thank you to your site.

I got back £950 in arrears alone
I am just writing to say how worthwhile joining benefits and work is.  I joined in March and recently had my tribunal heard. It took just two minutes for the hearing to be stopped and I was awarded 15 points.  They could have awarded more, but said I had already got enough.

I have kidney failure, mental health problems and eye sight in one eye, but had only been given zero points originally. I spent 4 days going through every part of the ATOS-DWP evidence and spent £35 on an eye test. I followed your guidance on every point.

I urge anyone about to claim ESA to join benefits and work, it's worth every penny. I got back £950 in arrears alone.

The best money I have ever spent
I would like to say a BIG "Thank You" for the information on this website. Following an ATOS medical I was only awarded 6 points. I have now had my appeal and was awarded 21 points and have also been put into the support group. I can honestly say that the joining fee was the best money I have ever spent. Thank you so much.

From WRAG to support group
I just wanted to say your website helped me greatly in understanding the process of making an appeal and attending a tribunal. I was granted ESA last May but I knew I was not well enough to attend any work focused interviews or activities. I made an appeal in June last year but the DWP held onto my appeal and did not send it to the Independent Tribunal even though I kept writing to them saying I am not well enough to attend the work focused interviews you keep asking me to attend
 It took a letter from my MP to prompt them to send off my appeal in February this year. The Appeal Tribunal heard in April overturned last years medical assessment and agreed I should have been in the Support Group category. The DWP did not even send one of their representatives to the Tribunal and I am told they rarely do! I suffered a great deal of stress as a result of the way they handled my case but I won the appeal in the end.
Your website gave me the much needed advice guidance and encouragement I needed to keep going. Thank you.

From 6 points to support group
I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the information that you put together on your site.

My husband won his appeal today and we were only in there 20 mins at the most. In the medical they only awarded 6 points and now they have placed him in the support group.

Thanks again

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