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DLA to PIP 8 months 4 weeks ago #197582

Hi all
Just rejoined as I’ve had the dreaded “invitation” to claim PIP. I have many physical problems as well as mental problems.
The PIP form seems to ask about physical problems. Do I mention depression in supervision part?
I am based in Northern Ireland. I am in SG of ESA and am not due for WCA until November 2018. Will this invitation trigger a WCA early?
I would have problems having to attend a f2f. Is it worth asking if a decision could be made on paper evidence alone?

Thanks for reading

DLA to PIP 8 months 4 weeks ago #197599


Whilst some of the activities; sight , hearing and walking, are only concerned with physical problems, the rest take into account mental health issues. So if your MH problems limit your abilities to complete the PIP activities then you should definitely mention them.

We have seen a few PIP Decisions result in an ESA reassessment, but the invitation to claim PIP certainly won't.

You can ask for a Paper Based Review, but one will only be done if the assessor believe that they have sufficient information to make a recommendation to the DWP without their seeing you. You may be able to get a home assessment, but you will need your GP to write to the assessment provider explaining why you cannot attend at their offices.

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DLA to PIP 8 months 1 week ago #198547

Hi all
Just received form PIP 1003 How your disability affects you. Just looking at Q14a Moving around, have they changed the wording for your guides?

The question they ask is
How far can you walk talking into account any aids you use
Less than 20 metres
Between 20 and 50
Between 50 and 200
200 or more
It varies
I thought the legal test is to stand and then walk? No mention of standing then walking. I intend to describe fully my pain when getting up and walking anyway.
Last year I requested all information the DWP held on me and there was a letter from my GP to the HCP iro my ESA claim. My doctor stated
Chronic pain causing severe mobility issues. Very genuine patient. Condition unlikely to improve.
I’ll definitely be including this with my form. I just hope a decision can be made on the available evidence.

DLA to PIP 8 months 1 week ago #198569


The 1003 is just a form you cannot rely on it fully representing the criteria against which you are being assessed.

You are correct the Descriptors require the claimant to stand and then move (walk).

Remember, you must be able to do this reliably and on the majority of days not to score points.


DLA to PIP 8 months 1 week ago #198594

Thanks for your reply. Is the PIP 1003 form different from PIP 2 form? I don’t want to complete form 1003 only to be sent PIP 2 to complete at a later date.
This happened when claiming ESA, I completed ESA 50A then a couple of weeks later was sent form ESA 50 to complete.


DLA to PIP 8 months 1 week ago #198614

It is the same form.
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