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The DWP today released the latest quarterly statistics for personal independence payment (PIP). These show that hundreds of thousands of claimants are still waiting for a decision, in spite of a rapid increase in the number of assessments being carried out. The success rate for new claims is 48% and for DLA to PIP reassessments, 77%.

New claims
According to the latest statistics, between 8 April 2013 and 31 October 2014:

592,900 new claims for PIP have been made.

352,100 new claims have been cleared.

This leaves 240,800 new claimants still awaiting a decision.

48% of new claimants who are not terminally ill, who have had a decision received an award of PIP.

DLA reassessments
Many thousands of DLA to PIP reassessment claimants are also still waiting for a decision.

76,300 DLA to PIP reassessments have begun, but only 29,900 have been cleared.

This leaves 46,400 DLA to PIP reassessment claimants still waiting for a decision.

77% of DLA to PIP reassessment claimants who have had a decision received an award of PIP.

Main conditions and awards
28% of all PIP awards are for ‘psychiatric disorders’, including anxiety and depression and 17% are for musculoskeletal disease, including arthritis.

Of claimants who do not have a terminal illness:

60% received an award of the enhanced rate of at least one component.

22% received the enhanced rate of both components.

56% received both mobility and daily living components.

33% received daily living only.

10% received mobility only.

You can download the latest PIP statistics from this link.


+1 #2 Lizzie B 2014-12-18 12:25
to nigel: well done with your applications' success - please vote though - even to just keep the ukips and condems out - we cannot take another five years of this horror

according some stats ? 16million people did not bother to vote last time and now we can see the result of abstaining!

life was never this bad with the Labour govts.? i am elderly and have lived through several govts.
+2 #1 nigelharrison516@msn.com 2014-12-18 00:05
I first applied for transfer from DLA to PIP by requesting the form by telephone in February 2014.It took until April for the form to arrive.I returned it by recorded delivery in the middle of May.In October i had a home assessment,i must say the lady was very pleasant. In November I finally received a decision.It was for enhanced rates for both care and mobility.Appare ntly there is a 4 week wait from the time of the decision to the time that PIP actually starts,then you are paid 4 weeks in arrears.Also there is no claiming for backdating.So much so for the DWP wanting to make sure that you receive the correct money.I never thought I would be saying that I will not be voting at the next general election,that is unless they have a box for shooting the lot of them.Still I suppose I must be thankfull that my ordeal is over for the moment.My thoughts are with those of you out there who are still going through this ordeal.Keep up the fight and God bless you,for you shall inherit the earth.

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