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The fantastic Full Fact charity have until 27 February to raise £25,000 to fund a six week, 18 hours per day election fact-checking project.

The work of Full Fact is particularly vital in the run-up to the election.

According to the Institute for Financial Studies (IFS), working age benefits will have to be cut by a horrifying 25% in order for the Tories to meet their spending plans. When and if the conservatives set out how these massive cuts are to be made, we can expect a blizzard of anti-claimant propaganda from the DWP in an effort to make the cuts as appealing as possible to thefull fact team image general public.

The presence of a Full Fact team will make it harder for the DWP press office to put out blatant untruths without them being challenged and exposed.

Full Fact have recruited a team of specialist fact checking volunteers, including staff on secondment from the Office for National Statistics and from Ipsos Mori.

Funding is needed to cover start-up costs including reliable computers and fast internet as well as travel and other running costs.

If you are able, please make a donation of £2 or more towards the Full Fact election hub. The team are already well over halfway to their goal of £25,000 in less than two weeks

Whether you are able to donate or not, you can also make a difference by tweeting, blogging and emailing details of their fundraising campaign as widely as possible.

The link for the Crowdfunder campaign is:



#10 Jim Allison 2015-02-17 16:01
I agree with all comments. Regretfully in May 2015, I forecast that no one party will gain sufficient votes to form a Government, so yet again we will have an unelected coalition. Possibly with theree parties.

It's time for proportional representation !!
+1 #9 Paul Richards 2015-02-15 12:56
ASHWORTHIAN - very well said - hopefully Full Fact will get their funding - they are now VERY close to their total!
To emphasise this even more, all of you mal care to have a look at this latest news article.
IDS is trying to defend his and his lamentable Government's Universal Credit policy. Lies, Lies & more Lies from this sadly very, very deluded, arrogant and sad 'politician'.


Full Fact - please bring it on and when you get the chance, you may care to have a look into this situation also and reveal the REAL TRUTH!!!
+1 #8 ASHWORTHIAN 2015-02-14 22:50
they are only £5k short, surely, there must be a donor/donors out there who could fund this shortfall? or doesn't anyone with any money care about the most vulnerable people in society? 1x£5000, 10x£500 or 100x£50 is all thats needed. Is altruism/philan thropy dead nowadays?
+2 #7 Paul Richards 2015-02-14 19:59
Hi all,
Just to show just how important it is that Full Fact should succeed in it's funding and that this dreadful Government should be sent packing at the G.E. - one only has to have a look at Sky News (and the latest report on this site) at the latest shameful ranting by Cameron which is now directly targeted at the likes of 'alcoholics, drug-addicts, the overweight and the obese' in this Country who are in receipt of sickness benefits. (Not only seemingly is this a ruse to take the Media heat away from the current 'Tax Evasion' scandal, but he is again playing the 'electioneering ' card - knowing that the people most likely to agree with this are the so called 'hard-working tax payers' and his own 'potential wealthy/rich electorate')
If I, or anyone else for that matter, was to parade a placard displaying wording to this effect down some High Street or other, I would, firstly risk being directly physically attacked and then probably be arrested for 'enciting hatred towards particular groups'.
It would be very good to see Cameron himself pilloried in this way - but, due to the twisted 'justice' system, I doubt very much that he would be. One law for us and another for them - as always!
WHEN is the EU going to jump on him and his cronies for direct minority discrimination - how much longer do we have to wait for them to take action?
+3 #6 Paul Richards 2015-02-13 22:39
Hi all,
All the comments on this page are very true and relevant. This horribly uncaring Tory Coalition Government has almost had it's day and it had better look out and get ready to be well and truly kicked out on it's miserable ear (at long last!!)
The proposed fund-raising by Full Fact is the best news (on here) that we have had in a very long time. If, and hopefully they most surely will, get the desired funding, then they can quickly push forward and get the 'REAL TRUTH' out there of what has been happening and just what this terrible Government has been doing to all of the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and the poor - not forgetting the 'working poor' also, whilst looking after the rich bankers, their prosperous friends, tax evasionists & IDS. It is nothing short of SHOCKINGLY SHAMEFUL what has been done by this 'not even properly elected' bunch of POWER hungry lying egotists who have the audacity to call themselves 'politicians'.
Is it any real wonder that a large chunk of the general public does not trust these uncaring bast***s. Of course, also as has been said so many times on here - much of the lying misinformation has not been reported by the undoubtedly biased right-wing Press, not to mention the BBC and to a lesser extent, Sky. I really believe that the way that the Media in general seems to have been 'controlled' should become subject to an 'inquiry' of some sort. This 'Media' control is 'normal' in North Korea/China etc, but in this so-called 'democracy' it should not be allowed to occur. It should be 'free, but TOTALLY TRUE speech' right across the Media realm.
I, for one and I believe that all on here, wish Full Fact the very best of luck in their endeavours to at last expose the REAL TRUTH and to finally to get it reported on the Media as such.
+4 #5 zybbok 2015-02-13 05:02
Why has this current Tory government made such a massive part of its debt restructuring fall upon the welfare bill? It could have upped taxes, reduce the Foreign Aid budget, now 12bn and growing so fast that the government is struggling to spend it. Or better still get the tax owed from the dodgers e.g. Starbucks, Amazon and Google to name but a few. HM Revenue & Customs has identified £25bn of unpaid taxes that may have been wrongly withheld by corporations, of which almost 44pc are overseas companies. But all of that would have upset its core vote of the rich and well heeled classes who support it. This almost total assault on welfare and local authority services for the old and disabled people to meet their financial target (though they have missed it every month since they announced it) is driven by pure political targeted discrimination against specific groups of voters they consider unlikely to vote for the Tories at the May election.
+4 #4 pauline48 2015-02-12 13:47
It breaks my heart to see how targeting the most vulnerable in society are targeted by the media fed by Government so that ordinary working people turn on themselves. This government are trying to finish what Margaret Thatcher started!!

The fact is when ordinary working people hit a problem in their own lives and require help from the state expecting to be given handfuls of money as the media portrays then they have a huge shock to find out that the reality is quite different!

It should be the bankers and fat cats helping out the disabled and disadvantaged NOT THE POOR MAKING THE RICH GET RICHER!!!!!!!
+3 #3 Bill 2015-02-12 13:41
Quoting this article:

According to the Institute for Financial Studies (IFS), working age benefits will have to be cut by a horrifying 25% in order for the Tories to meet their spending plans. When and if the conservatives set out how these massive cuts are to be made, we can expect a blizzard of anti-claimant propaganda from the DWP in an effort to make the cuts as appealing as possible to thefull fact team image general public.
Apart from the ''blizzard of anti claimant propaganda from DWP'' we will all have to suffer the associated ''blizzard'' that will be published daily by the Tory Press so we can all imagine what we will be having to put up with in the run up to GE Day cant we?

Whatever you think of the Executives involved, who else is going to put the real and full facts before the general public? Certainly not our ''friends'' in the Tory Press!

Good luck to this Charity, we for two hope that it succeeds as we certainly need someone on our side, and someone who is willing and able to speak up.

Mr & Mrs Bill
+2 #2 mymerlot 2015-02-11 22:05
Methinks that people forget 1 x BIG TRUE point. All these charities have Chief Exec's & Exec;s of 'this & that' who are effectively paid ‘mega bucks’ by donations & Taxpayers. Strangely enough they socialise ‘chum to chum’ with our wonderful politicians. This LAW serves ALL these well paid ***** very well... cos they are all in this together. The ‘charities’’ can hide behind legislation & their high maintenance Exec’s still collect their obscene financial remuneration packages. If these well paid folks really had any moral fibre, they'd say stuff the Gov & ‘whistle blow’.. most of them only hold these positions for the 'ego factor' & the big bucks despite having other money churning businesses. In a way a group like ‘Full+Facts’ inadvertently collude with this cover-up. I appreciate they don’t mean to bit a bit like say Nurses/Teachers /Social Care/Fireperson s go on strike & our wonderful Gov send in the Army of the NHS fund ‘Out of Counrty’ medic’s?? But this way the Exec’s & their mates in Gov are on a win/win whatever happens. Am I alone is being so sceptical? Just saying
+5 #1 craftcrazy 2015-02-11 17:35
We need the public to hear the facts, not the ongoing propaganda which the government, IDS, Esther Mc Vey and the DWP keep spouting about regarding the sick, unemployed and disabled!
This charity 's efforts can go a long way to help stop the discrimination and they're very welcome to my support as a disabled Benefits and Work member.

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