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Maximus, the company which took over work capability assessments (WCAs) from Atos is currently losing millions of pounds on the contract, Disability News Service has reported. The announcement led to Maximus’ shares dropping 26% in value.

Maximus had expected to earn over £140 million in the first year of its WCA contract, amounting to a profit of over $30 million. Instead it earned just $105 million, meaning that the company actually lost $4 million on the deal. This is in spite of Maximus being paid around double the amount that Atos received for administering the same contract.

Maximus say the cause of the problem is the difficulty they are experiencing recruiting enough health professionals. Bruce Caswell, president of Maximus, said there was a “very tight labour market in the United Kingdom and individuals have a lot of options, whether it’s to go to work for the National Health Service, whether it’s to practice in a general practice mode, a GP-type environment, or whether it’s to do additional work on other assessment-related contracts”.

You can read the full story on the Disability News Service website

“Got decision today enhanced rate for both, thank you so much for your good advice, having to prove you are disabled is a degrading experience GOOD LUCK to you all”


#6 musdrive 2016-01-19 17:33
Maximus, like ATOS are not fit for purpose, they need to know their clients before they can judge or examine them for benefits entitlement, the countless times needless stress and turmoil has resulted from benefits medicals and appeals is extraordinary! No government is fit for purpose, all we can do is protest and march till austerity is wiped out forever, then those who contribute most to society (yes us disabled and other vulnerable folk) will be given credit where it's due, that's what creates equality and opportunity for all, dignified life living, end of!!
+3 #5 Greynape 2015-12-02 19:55
Delighted to see that so many of our health professionals can't be bought.

Why doesn't Bruce Caswell so much as mention the possibility that many of our health professionals might have conscientious *moral* objections to participating in WCAs? Could it be a classic case of projection? In other words, he and other Maximus executives believe that corporations have one and only one moral obligation - to maximise profits for shareholders - and health professionals are similarly motivated, i.e. concerned only with what they can get out of their jobs, and not with what they can give?

I would be overjoyed if Maximus followed carruthers's suggestion and told the DWP to clean up their moral act over the WCA - but, on the evidence of the information about Maximus in the DNS article, I'm afraid it isn't going to happen.

Note also the final paragraph of the DNS article: 'When asked if Maximus was still confident it could recruit all of the healthcare professionals it needed for the WCA contract, and whether it was concerned that such recruitment would suck doctors and nurses away from vital jobs in the NHS, a Maximus spokesman in the UK refused to comment.' That's funny - in the previous paragraph, the chief executive of Maximus looks pretty confident that they can meet their recruitment targets.

Finally, tintack's suggestion is excellent but not only would it make it harder to demonise sick and disabled claimants, it runs violently counter to the government's evidence-proof preference for large corporations to administer vital public services - which is another point in its favour, of course.

Thanks to all for their comments - highly therapeutic.
+6 #4 angela 2015-12-02 09:11
Lets face it this goverment wont admit it has got it wrong no matter how much it costs they will keep plugging away with it
+6 #3 survival71 2015-12-02 04:48
So yet again more proof doctors & nurses don't want to work for the abusive, corrupt, fraudulent government regime against sick & disabled claimants which is costing the country far more not less.

Simples...Stop funding the failed media campaign against claimants, re-nationalize the DWP by kicking out it's private contractors and revert back to the medical profession carrying out fitness to work decisions, whilst government ministers are summoned and charged for their crimes against UK citizens.
+11 #2 carruthers 2015-12-01 15:34
"a lot of options, whether it’s to go to work for the National Health Service, whether it’s to practice in a general practice mode, a GP-type environment, or whether it’s to do additional work on other assessment-related contracts”.
Given the contracts which Jeremy [H]unt is trying to force on hospital doctors and on GPs, that says something about the attractiveness of Capita and Atos as employers for doctors.

Nurses, PTs and OTs too have more options open to them.

Perhaps they should tell the DWP that the job is so at adds with "caring professions" that they can't get the staff and would the DWP please make it less awful. :eek:
+12 #1 tintack 2015-12-01 13:46
So first Atos back out of their WCA contract early, now Maximus are struggling with it too.

Here's a radical suggestion: instead of chucking endless millions of public money at private corporations to administer an utterly discredited and unworkable assessment, which has caused untold misery and even deaths, why not scrap the WCA and replace it with a test based on proper, peer-reviewed medical expertise, rather than persisting with a test based on a stitch-up concocted by a US corporation with a proven track record of malpractice?

This used to happen with the old Benefits Agency Medical Service. The tests were done in-house, so there was no need to waste cash on private contractors, the test itself wasn't perfect but certainly a hell of a lot better than the WCA, and because this system got most decisions right first time there was a low level of appeals. If the government wants to save money on the benefits bill this would be an obvious way to go. But then it wouldn't be so easy to demonise sick and disabled claimants, so of course it can't be allowed to happen.

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