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As Theresa May announces her intention to hold a general election on 8 June, we ask: is there anyone for claimants to vote for?

Assuming, as seems likely, that May gets her way and parliament votes in favour of an election, who will you vote for?

In some parts of the UK, such as Scotland, many claimants may consider that there is one party that is clearly more claimant friendly than the rest.

But, if you live in England in particular, you may feel that it is struggle to find a party with a realistic chance of winning a significant number of seats but which is also willing to stick up for the rights of people on benefits.

The Conservatives are clearly out to take as much cash as they can from sick and disabled claimants, the Lib Dems supported repeated attacks on claimants' income when they were in coalition with the Tories whilst Labour have been utterly ineffective and largely uninterested in fighting for claimants whilst in opposition.

Benefits and Work will not be supporting any party in the forthcoming elections, but we’d be very interested in hearing your opinions in the comments section below.


#79 AnneH 2017-04-28 16:46
I'm voting for Jeremy and for Labour.

I will never forgive the Tories for making me sicker and more disabled. I hate the way their divisive policies have made their way into the psyche of this country, when I think of that poor lad, the 17 year old who was beaten half to death in Croydon for being an asylum seeker, it makes me ashamed for what, this once tolerant country has become.
#78 Windy days 2017-04-28 16:22
The tories have always been the same they use propoganda or even fake news and it does,nt help with chanel 5 putting those stupid benifit programmes on making out that we are all wasters and scroungers when clearly not all of us are the tories only target us cos they see us as weak people who dnt have lots of money to hire fancy lawyers like these tax dodging corporate business do who get away with it so i,ll be voting labour
#77 Mutley 2017-04-27 23:12
I was going to raise that point of SNP votes swallowing needed labour seats. Why do you think the tories wanted an election now, and no it doesn't have anything to do with brexit.

The other most shameful act of this government, is the way it treats the military. It sends them into situations without the much needed kit, due to their austerity measures and has soldiers begging on the streets to help those that have been wounded in service, because the Tories don't care for anyone that is an invalid of any description.

Money to the rich kill the poor.

Voting tactical is all well and good and where it is a known 2 horse race, then vote against the tories.

Labour may not appear to be that good, but have no doubt, this is now, not the Tony Blair Labour, which is what those against Jeremy Corbin were crying about, but a Labour with true grit that fights for the people, not one that tries changing the red flag for something akin to the Tory Blue.
#76 Asbo 2017-04-27 20:30

Apparently the collapse of Labour and the Lib Dems in Scotland is helping the Tories, who might win up to a dozen seats according to one poll. I really hope they don't - the rape clause is a perfect example of what people will be voting for if they vote for these psychopaths.


Yes, Labour need to make massive inroads into Scotland if they're to stand a chance
+2 #75 SueA 2017-04-27 18:02
I will be voting Green as I am a Green party member. They are getting together with the Lib Dems and not standing in each others constituencies.
I do like Jeremy Corbin (whatever Boris says about him!) and admire him for standing by his beliefs.
Voting Tory is a vote for the mega rich and big business despite May saying the Tories are backing "working families". Not they are not!.
The use of that expression is just another way to alienate the public against the sick disabled and unemployed which seems to be their main aim in life.
I worked for 44 years, from age 15, before becoming disabled and I'm grateful the benefits system is in place but I hate having to fight to receive what is my legitimate entitlement. It's a disgrace.
+1 #74 Lavatera Trimestris 2017-04-27 17:18
I am in Alister Birt's constituency, dyed in the wool conservative country. No hope of change here even if we stick pins in them.
However I will vote labour because the total number of votes to labour and other parties across the country shows the health of the new government. That count could show more people voted Labour than Conservative. That would give Labour more power to hold them to account going through to the next election.
Besides this is a strange election, Brexit could turn the tails of many voters and the gap is closing between Cons And Lab, Corbyn is fighting hard for the vulnerable we must support him.

+1 #73 tintack 2017-04-27 17:08
Quoting Asbo:
The third child proof of rape in order to get tax credits is something Labour would NEVER do. It wouldn't even have occurred to them. It is just another nasty punitive measure by the Tories

I see Ruth Davidson's image as the acceptable face of the Tory party in Scotland has taken something of a hit because of the rape clause. When the other Holyrood parties were criticising her for not opposing it, the initial suggestion was that she was annoyed at being linked with a policy that had come from Westminster - the implication being that she opposed it, but didn't want to criticise her party colleagues south of the border.

Alas, this suggestion went up in smoke when Davidson came out in support of the rape clause on the grounds of "financial responsibility" . I caught a bit of the Scottish parliament's debate on it yesterday. A Green MSP gave an excellent speech in which he offered Davidson a chance to intervene and justify her position. She sat there like a stone. No wonder some have started referring to her as "Rape Clause Ruth".

Apparently the collapse of Labour and the Lib Dems in Scotland is helping the Tories, who might win up to a dozen seats according to one poll. I really hope they don't - the rape clause is a perfect example of what people will be voting for if they vote for these psychopaths.

#72 Asbo 2017-04-27 15:44
Quoting alison:
Quoting Idonia:
I refuse to vote for any of the three 'main' parties. They're as bad as each other, albeit in different ways.

totaly agree with you , :-)

But where did you get such nonsense ideas? They are NOT all bad as each other.

Whatever you may think of New Labour and the other scandalous horrors that occurred under their watch, they introduced a raft of measures to reduce inequality.  They introduced Tax Credits, Tax Credits for the over 50s, the Minimu m Wage,  an extra £28 for disabled people on JSA, free Legal Aid for people on benefits and other people on low incomes, voted against the Bedroom Tax, reduced homelessness, i ntroduced the National OAPs and Disabled Bus Passes and voted against the worst of the welfare reform bill.  Many of these measures helped the poorest in society and many of them have been scrapped.

Jeremy Cobyn has also agreed to pay £155 for the WASPI women who've been robbed of their pensions.

The third child proof of rape in order to get tax credits is something Labour would NEVER do. It wouldn't even have occurred to them. It is just another nasty punitive measure by the Tories who also brought in the sanctions regime, and being sick or disabled doesn't protect you from sanctions. It is a scandal and yet some people on here seem dreadfully ill-informed which is exactly playing right into the hands of the Tories. Please learn some history about the different parties and what they stand for.
#71 Ellie 135 2017-04-27 12:24
I will vote with my feet! It doesn't matter who gets in, not one of them lives up to their promises. They're picking on the sick and disabled because we're a easy target.
+1 #70 BillyBob 2017-04-27 11:25
Corbyn the whole way. For the first time in my life I actually support a politician. Anyone who is disabled or on benefits and even considers voting tory is a fool. Corbyn can and will do something about the current situation but you have to remember that claimants are hated by the general public thanks to an ongoing hate campaign by the media. To admit that you would help claimants in a general election would be career suicide.
#69 chichofeliz Gaspar 2017-04-27 09:39
Quoting Heather_Spencer:
Vote for libdems! If enough of us rally behind them, maybe we can get a party in to power that actually cares and wants to help those in need.

I have to vote LibDem where I live as otherwise it's the Tory who gets it. One of the areas where the Tories allegedly committed electoral fraud through overspending... that's how much they wanted it at the last election.

I am not at all convinced that the LibDems will stand up for our public services though- and in the end, that is what gives us voters the chance to hold those services accountable- once they are privately provided, we don't have the same rights (e.g FOI becauie of commercial confidentiality ).
+2 #68 chichofeliz Gaspar 2017-04-27 09:35
Quoting Jackie.:
I've sent an email directly to Jeremy corbyn asking him what labour intends to do about this cruel brutal assessments. Sent it last week. No reply to date.

I think someone has posted that they are goijng to get rid of the WCA and sanctions- it would make sense if they are going to overhaul the PIP assessment system too. It'll be in the manifesto.
#67 chichofeliz Gaspar 2017-04-27 09:29
Down here in North Cornwall we have the 2 horse race- Tory or LibDem.
Previous LibDem candidate went on to work with a disability support charity- so if he stands I'll vote for him as he has a realistic idea of the challenges people can face.
I would love for voting reform to happen so that i could give my vote to Labour, knowing it would count for something as I could only really trust Mr Corbyn to stand up for the independence of this country from the corporate lobby... but the priority has to be voting the Tories out wherever we can as a first step.

I think calling it the "Brexit election" is a massive red herring- we will suffer 5 more years of Tory sadism, regardless of what happens in the Brexit negotiations. Whar IS a disgracer is that there isn't a "Unity" government to carry out these negotiations. The referendum was non-partisan- so should the result be, in my view.

Tory Soft Brexit will just mean getting signed up to whatever trade deals the EU does with the USA- and selling off what's left of our public services along the lines of the Capita and Atos contracts.
-1 #66 alison 2017-04-27 03:20
Quoting Idonia:
I refuse to vote for any of the three 'main' parties. They're as bad as each other, albeit in different ways.

totaly agree with you , :-)
+1 #65 alison 2017-04-27 03:09
Quoting nikkini:
Quoting alison:
there all a joke far as ime concerned ,, seems to only benefit the richer us poorer get more cutbacks etc ,, ,i wont be voting ,and as for local mp knocking door for votes ,,they also can jog on ,as when i needed help for my pip claim i contacted a local mp and they didnt even reply back to me ,so wont be getting my vote ,

Not voting is basically handing it all on a plate to the tories. I fully understand voter apathy but by not voting you will be in part responsible for a tory win. surely it would be better to vote to get them out rather than not vote at all?

sadly this is how the majority of people feel against voting , if i vote or not is my personal choice .the figures on non voters just goes to show that this country have lost faith in whoever runs the country ,,as one way or another it always seem the richer benefit and the poorer have to fight for any dignity such as claiming pip for instance ,,i detest the way sick people /disabled get treated with the tories running this goverment ,but if honest this country is in a ,mess and whoever wins election it not going to change overnight ,somwhere along the line people will be affected with there changes and you can bet it not going to be the well off to suffer ,,what realy gets me is the local m.p. come around knocking your doors with a big smile wanting your votes promising this and that ,but ,,,,when you contact them for any help they dont even have the decency to get back to you ,sadly reasons like this and many other issues are why people have lost faith in any goverment running this country,
+1 #64 tintack 2017-04-27 01:49
Quoting Teri:
the Prime Minister is just the face of the people who really run the country - bankers, financiers and largs companies.

Hence the vicious attacks on Corbyn. He wouldn't play ball - he might even try running the country for the benefit of us plebs, and we can't have that!

Every country in the world had the same crisis at the same time so why would you believe that it was the Labour Party which caused it all
Labour under Miliband really didn't help themselves by refusing to challenge that Tory lie, which was a catastrophic mistake as it's allowed the Tories to "justify" austerity as "cleaning up Labour's mess". Though when the press is 80% Tory it's an uphill struggle for any Labour leader (unless they suck up to Murdoch and promise not to rock the boat).

This PM has told lie after lie and had more U-turns that even Cameron did
Apparently it's called "strong and stable leadership". Who knew?

so why would we vote for her or her party

When the press is so rabidly Tory (and owned by a handful of hard-right billionaires who have a strong vested interest in keeping a left-wing party out of power) it's depressingly easy to get people to believe all sorts of drivel. You know, like austerity is painful but necessary (except when we need some cash for shiny new nukes or half a billion quid to change our passports to their pre-EU colour - it's what makes Britain great apparently). Or that we're all in this together. Or that Europe is the cause of problems which were actually caused by our own government.

It's incredible - I've heard people swear in one breath that they don't believe what they read in the papers before quoting some cobblers from the Daily Mail as if it were the gospel truth. And when they vote the Tories in and get screwed over they'll actually be surprised.
+3 #63 Miss Haversham 2017-04-27 01:00
I would urge benefits and work and it's members to get behind Labour. Also Jeremy wants to bring back legal aid.
+3 #62 Miss Haversham 2017-04-27 00:58
Only one choice for me ill be voting Labour, Jeremy Corbyn has promised to scrap WCA and put benefits in line with inflation. He is the most honest MP of our time he has been on the right side of history for 30 years and has always fought for the sick poor and vulnerable
+1 #61 Ema 2017-04-27 00:18
Will be voting Labour, as always ! No doubt of It! Good luck Corbyn!
#60 drouthyneebor 2017-04-26 21:43
SNP! They are already paying to mitigate other benefit cuts imposed by Westminster, like the bedroom tax which I know affects many disabled people. In Westminster they have fought against all benefit cuts.
If I lived in England I would vote tactically for any Tom Dick or Harry if it would beat the Tories. They are despicable. They allow billionaires and huge multinational companies to pay no tax and then trample on the most disadvantaged in society.

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